Where’d You Get That?


Every day I’m asked where I get items that are in my home. And the answer is: EVERYWHERE!

I’m not a store snob, I’m open to finding great stuff anywhere. And now that we live “in the country” (real people who live in the actual country feel free to roll your eyes– anywhere that’s 25 minutes from the door of a Starbucks-less Target is “the country” to me) anyway, now that it takes a million dollars in gas to drive to the nearest store, I find myself shopping online even more than I used to. From clothes, to gifts, to books to rugs-even makeup and hairspray, if I can buy it online, I will.

I’ve had great luck with Joss & Main in the past few years. Partly because I’ve learned to watch the prices (don’t assume everything is the best price you’ll ever see it) partly because I work the system and build up credits, mostly simply by pinning stuff to pinterest a few times per week.

And for the next 72 hours I’m hosting a sale with Joss & Main full of items I have (or would like to have) in my own home.

Joss & Main is one of those flash sale sites, you join by giving your email (you can opt out of the emails if you want though–that’s what I do and just check in when I feel like it) and then you have access to the limited time sales–it’s all home related stuff so it’s super fun for us housey girls.


My sale is not the only sale going on right now, this Rustic Luxe is one of my current favorites and it has great prices for upholstered pieces. Be sure to check out whatever sales speak to your personal style. Go here and join or login to see all the current sales events, and they all have a theme, from Father’s Day Ideas to Outdoor Style even sales just with pillows.

I have two more things to say that you need to read.


1. For the Risk Avoiders

You know that thing you see that makes your heart beat faster and you think, oh I LOVE that and I wish I could pull that off in my house but only other people can use things like that in their house and my mother-in-law will think that I’m ridiculous if I put that in my house so I will play it safe and surround myself with the semi-beautiful, average, unremarkable and uninspiring?

Yeah, that?

Stop doing that.

Here are step by step directions on how to pull something off if you need them. Whether that thing that makes your heart pitter-patter is in this sale, is in a garage sale, is something you can make, is something boxed up in your attic, it’s time to stop thinking you can’t be who you are and embrace what you love.

I know women whose husbands are telling them to please, feel free to spend a little money and make this house a home already and fear is gripping them as if choosing a lamp is a life or death decision. Life is too short and decorating is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it. Take a risk. Buy the lamp and then email me and tell me how you feel.

curators sale

 2. For the Cash Challenged

There have been times in my life that I’ve had more time than money. Times that I needed to DIY my way to pretty.  And if you are in a season of that right now, I hope that you don’t see this sale as something you cannot be a part of but as fun inspiration for your next project!

Joss & Main may read this and delete my sale right now (however, they are pretty awesome because I said this same thing at my last sale and they were totally fine with it) but I have to say this, none of these items, as beautiful and charming and lovely as they might be, are worth putting on a credit card if you can’t pay it off immediately. As much as I want you to love your home and as much as I don’t want Joss & Main to think my sale failed, I don’t want anyone to feel any pressure to spend money you don’t have. It’s never worth it, especially not for furniture.

It’s a process, beauty takes time.

Enjoy the process.

Love the home you’re with.

Now let’s go shopping together!

 Sale ends in 7 days

Joss & Main offers a $15 referral credit for anyone {you too!} who refers someone to their site when that someone makes their first purchase.  They also compensate all of their curators with a small percentage of the sales.


PS, if you are logged in as a member as Joss & Main and pin directly from their site using their Pin it button, if someone makes a first purchase from clicking from your pin, you get a $15 referral credit, this? is a no-brainer, start pinning with intention now!


  1. baileywife says

    You rock. That’s all. :) ~ Kim

  2. Is that Pinterest referral credit for all sales, or just the nester curated sale?

    • It’s for all sales all the time!
      Just be sure to use their pin it button that’s on the page, I’m not sure it works if you have a pin it button in your bookmarks thing and pin from that :)

      • I pin from my iPad using the share icon, where I select Pinterest.
        I sure hope that works… I’ve never seen another option.

  3. Purchased your book today at BAM in Kingsport, Tn. Already started reading it and love it.
    Great book written by an amazing Lady!
    Grace and Peace,

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for addressing the cash-challenged. It’s the place I’m in, staying home with my two kiddos while my husband owns his own small business. Love your book and this website. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. How did you get a Joss & Main curated page? Did you initially contact them or they contact you? Something to work towards….

    • this is my 3rd sale, they contacted me, but I think before that I had made a few purchases and linked to them on my blog or maybe via twitter so they might have found me from that?

  6. I love Joss & Main! So far, I’ve only window-shopped, as I’m one of those cash-challenged, but I’m off to window-shop your sale.

  7. That chevron cowhide rug of yours is on my “someday” list ;)

    Speaking of design items that might seem like only some people can pull them off, I’ve been LOVING all the white faux taxidermy that’s been floating around recently. I’m not a big fan of hunting, myself, so I don’t want a real deer head in my home, but my husband’s family are big hunters so the fake deer head seems like a perfect blending. A nod towards their traditions, but much more in my style. I found a deer head I liked on Amazon and asked my in-laws for it for Christmas :) My father in law thought I might be crazy and offered me a real one, but my m-i-l obliged and bought me the fake one. I spray painted him as soon as he arrived, and now Rupert hangs beautifully on our bedroom wall, and my in-laws BOTH thought he was pretty cool when they visited. Do the weird stuff that makes you happy, you won’t regret it :)

  8. Jennifer says

    This season we are up to our eyeballs in financial disasters, so nothing non life supporting is being purchased…still that didn’t decrease the fun of “window shopping” – I know this won’t last forever and meanwhile, I’ll just keep pinning away :-) I was pretty thrilled to see the black and white pillow…since I made one myself last fall with the same fabric. I think it cost me about 10 bucks so I’m feeling blessed my mom made me learn to sew (and use zippers!) :-) Probably won’t be making a cowhide rug anytime soon though, ha!

  9. I just wanted to say that I really respect what you said about not charging beautiful things that can’t be paid off right away. Very classy. Can’t wait to read the book!

  10. I drooled through your collection last night! Great pieces.

  11. I am that woman…the one whose husband is telling her to spend a little money and make the house a home? Yep. Pinch me. We’re leaving our rented overseas home after two years in ministry and buying our new nest in Florida. Dream come true. But I’m petrified to make a mistake with this! Pray for me! I’ll keep reminding myself what you said here…

  12. I appreciate your message to the cash challenged group. I love DIY but it also becomes a risk for me. Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Nice interior furnishing!

  14. Great pieces featured. I am featuring your book today in my bathroom post. I have devoured it while soaking in the tub and love having the tub caddy to hold it and a glass of wine too.

  15. I recently purchased your Ultimate bundle ebooks and downloaded them all to my computer which shortly after then crashed…..now I am here to beg, cry and plead…Is there anyway that I can retrieve them??? You may use my email to reply

  16. I’m a total risk avoider. We’ve lived in our home for a year and I’m still working on it. I’ve seen so many things on the Joss and Main site that I love but I’m so hesitant about ordering it. I’m really glad I’m starting your book. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you for encouraging me to be brave. I ordered the Audra Bench (Navy Blue) this week. It sounds pathetic to think it required courage but it honestly did. In 20 years of marriage, it’s the first new piece of furniture that I, myself, chose to buy. I hate spending money on “new” stuff AND decorating/finding my “style” has been intimidating. My husband was completely supportive of me ordering it; which made it worse. :) I had an emotional breakdown and had to figure out what the issue was behind the tears. Low risk individual, needs vs wants, save vs spend, valuing my own style, being raised by a mom who always put herself last, etc. Good grief! Obviously, I survived to tell about it. :) Thank you for holding my hand and helping me look at the “bigger picture” of making my house a home. Gratefully Yours…

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