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PINK-FLAMINGO-BRIDAL-SHOWER-19I cannot stop looking at this beautiful bridal shower photographed by Jessica Peterson 

Also, I really want someone to invent balloons that will stay inflated forever because I want a balloon garland in my office.

yarn poms

Wishing this were my idea–HUGE yarn poms!


a guide for young people

via Zenhabits.net



A Blessing for the Finishers by Emily Freeman // (in)courage



A Thrift Store Can Be Your (Nearly Free) Storage Unit // The Art of Simple



DIY Over-Sized Geometric Lamp // The Design Confidential

start now

Why you have to stop waiting for the future and begin living now.// My words at Ann’s place, A Holy Experience.



Why I’m Listening to Jerry Seinfeld // Emily Freeman



Break the Rules so the Rules Don’t Break You // Lisa Whittle



On Parenting Teens // Jen Hatmaker


crushing on these Glass Mirror Boxes



Oh Magnify My Face With Me // Jamie Brown


Join me, my sister and our dad & even mom & our husbands chime in this month at Hope*ologie, find out more here.



  1. That thrift store quote is my favorite. Love that “perspective”!

  2. P.S. My husband is a balloon artist(NOT a clown…huge difference :)) and I can give you tips on how to make balloons last for weeks if you ever need to know :)

  3. Just read your guest post over at Ann’s and wanted to say, thank you. I’ve been having a trust issue with God & my friends myself for a long time, and I am finally learning to let go, surrender, give-up, give-in, fully trust and truly live. Have a wonderful weekend! ox

  4. What is the Hope*ologie theme for May?

  5. instead of balloons, why not use paper lanterns in different sizes and colors???

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to make a book paper wreath, again!!
    My old one got wreaked when we moved. Seeing yours again, made me want to make a new one, and I’m so happy I did!! Also,
    I have been looking in my house all day for a place to use that black paint that you used behind your stove! I love it!

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