nesting place office

I’ve had this here blog for almost seven years. And for most of that time, I had an office where I could be messy and creative and leave my stuff everywhere and have craft supplies organizedish and close my door and work like I mean it. I’m happy to say I used my offices well and fully. Until we moved to this house. This blog is our family business and now I have no office.

Our house itself is about 1750 square feet. Over 1000 square feet less than our last house. Of course, now we have 12 acres and a pond and a tree house which is SO FUN, but our house has been increasingly messy because the entire house is turning into my office.

green barn

We also have the World’s Worst Barn on our property. And after we had already decided to make an offer on this place, I found what everyone in my family already knew was here…

outside the office. ugh.

…the World’s Worst Office.

office porch

Make no mistake. There is nothing glamorous about this office.

rocky river office

Clearly this was the official office of the Rocky River Hunt, Fish, and Saddle Club. Fans of the Outer Banks. Let’s just say this room had Dude all over it. Grody if you will. It smelled of cat and mildew and 20 years of pee caked on a toilet.


office before

Potential right? Potential can be the kiss of death because I have such a heart for potential and sometimes it can be a curse when everything has potential it’s overwhelming. I fall hard for potential every time. Me + Potential = 4ever. Sadly.


Look an old toilet! In a cedarish lined bathroom in the office!


Yes, I hung up that deer head. In my defense the nail was already there. It’s a sickness.


I came home from Uganda to find that my husband, boys, and parents had been feverishly working to get this office painted up for me.


I posed all over the place, because HAPPY! And also DORKY!


This wall will hopefully become a craft area with a sink.


It has a wood stove! Actually, it has two wood stoves, we removed the tiny one on top from our house and plopped it in the office ‘for now’.  But the big one works and Chad said it worked so well that he had to open the windows to get some cool air. There’s also an alternative heat source, I think it’s that ugly metal box hanging from the ceiling. Let’s not talk about that right now.


Here’s the door. And I have a pretty view to the little fenced in pasture. There are only two tiny windows right now but, the white primer already helps brighten the room by 100%.


Honestly, when Chad showed me this big office with a full bathroom and how much my family has worked on it I had a half a second’s worth of guilt. I had just left Uganda and Rose and Mama Grace. Both of their families could live in this office together with more room than their current homes.

And then I thought about Rose. And how she used what she was given and used it well. How she danced in the kitchen.

Welcome to my kitchen.

I can’t cook 50 gallons of pork and beans at one time but I can do this blog thing. I can work smart and with a fresh vision. And for me, this office is my kitchen and y’all this place deserves to be danced in.

My vision for this office is for words of housey encouragement to be birthed here, I’d love to start small, before the barn is ready and hold mini craft days, I hope one day you can come hang out with me in this kitchen/office.


Maybe your Kitchen is your office or the nursery or your family room. Maybe your Kitchen is your church or your cubicle or your actual kitchen. No matter what your kitchen is. To totally cheese up this post…I hope you dance.