Dance In Your Kitchen


I’m home now.

The last time I traveled with Compassion I had a question from one brave reader that all of us, including me, were wondering about.  It went something like this…


How in the world can you come back from all that you’ve just seen, children living in one room, mother’s doing everything to make ends meet, people living in poverty… how in the WORLD do you come back and write about something as trivial as house stuff?


It’s a great question. How dare I come back and write about crafts and fixing up my kitchen that is already more finished than 100% of any kitchen we saw on our trip? How can I not completely change what I write about and turn this blog into one big child advocate blog that only talks about the truth that is and people that are hurting?

I dare.

I dare to come home and continue this relationship with you, to pick up where we left off. Because THIS is one of the very few things I’m good at.

I write about how to create a home within this great big world that we live in. And I’m going to continue to write about how to create a home in this great big world we live in. But now, you and I know a little more truth about this world and I hope that truth will impact what I write about and seep into the everyday seemingly unimportant decisions that I make about everything. I know it seeps into you too.

We are all in this together.

Going to Uganda doesn’t make me want to stop writing about home.

It makes me want to do it better.

I think of Rose so proud to show us where she worked. Working in the kitchen of the police academy along with Joseph’s sponsor through compassion is what helped her provide for her family. She lives on the grounds of the police academy just a 30 second walk to the kitchen that she couldn’t wait to show us. Her boss was there a dressed in her best ready to welcome us into a  steamy hot kitchen on the equator. And Rose. Was. So. Proud. And so happy.

She worked hard.

She was confident and dignified and stirred those pork and beans in her wedding dress because that is what you do.

When you believe in something you work hard.

When you love people you help them.

When you do a job well you are grateful and you treat it with respect and you take it seriously and you celebrate it. This is what Rose has taught me.

How do I come back from from Uganda?

I’m going to do exactly what Rose does.

I’ll dance in my kitchen…

reading in an email? click here to watch the video, I promise, it’s worth it…

Dance in your kitchen.

Do your thing well.

Share what you have.

This blog is my kitchen and I intend to dance. To celebrate it, to enjoy what it is to make the very most of it, so I can use it for the best possible purpose. That’s what Rose would do. Work hard, enjoy life, love people near and far. Sponsor a Ugandan child today and don’t forget to dance in your kitchen.


*photos and dance moves provided by the talented Mike Varel

**music by Shaun Groves: All is Grace



  1. Beautiful post and perspective. We all have our reason, our place to hold in the world. That is why God created us all different. So we can beautifully work together.

  2. Yes! Thank you so much. We are made to love with the hearts He uniquely gave us–with the talents and strengths it makes Him smile for us to use. Bless you! Keep going, sister!

  3. So, so, good!

  4. Wonderful video. Made me want to dance! I went to Africa several years ago. It’s impossible to go there without falling in love with the people. I think when you go to Africa you leave a tiny bit of your heart there :)
    Such wise words from you today. We all need to embrace who we are and dance in our “kitchen”

  5. Amen, thank you for sharing such joy and reminding us to dance.

  6. AMEN.

  7. Amen sister. Keep doing that thing you do. I for one am very blessed by this blog.

  8. God didn’t place you in Uganda to live. He’s placed you here. No matter where he places us he expects us to bloom and bear good fruit. So here is a dare for you and all of us, I dare you to live with joy wherever God places you. Kitchens are optional. I love this post. Good job on the resource too!

  9. Kelly Foss says

    I’m glad you dared to go…. and I’m glad you dared to come back to this crazy, complicated western world. And I’m so glad you shared that video! I hate to get all sniffly when I’m at the computer but those sweet and genuine faces just made me smile and cry. Oh that we could know that joy here!

  10. Yay You! Yay God!
    M…I believe creating a home is a high calling. Some of us accept it and embrace it and some of us don’t understand what it really means. I’m thinking that you understand it more than ever before and have a great platform to help women all over embrace the calling. It seems to me that when a woman who has really nothing lays beautiful doilies on her furniture for her guests and places colorful cloths on her table and another dresses up in the very best she has to welcome her guests, there is an understanding of that calling and of hospitality in its truest form. How blessed you were to be able to experience and receive their very best. Why should we not do the same?

    Dance wildly in your kitchen and enjoy your blessings and continue to exercise true hospitality. It’s just the beginning….just think what will come out of that kitchen and what will happen in that barn? Just think. :)

    Biggest hugs my sweet dear friend for stepping foot in microplane after microplane and sharing these beautiful God stories.

  11. Wonderful feelings – I’ve always wanted to go on a trip like this. Guess I’d better decide to do this sooner than later.

  12. love this!

    SO important to live–fully–where we are.

  13. You inspire me to be a better person.

  14. Cindy@designlove says

    Still glad I asked that Brave question! Loved your response to it and that you are still answering it after all this time. Thank you for helping me have a new perspective.


  15. gosh girlie, your compassion posts are always my most favorite. i smile & cry & smile and i think i actually make that “hmmmm” sound outloud, like hmmmm that’s so awesome. not hmmmmm that’s weird. just making sure we’re clear.
    yes, YOU have loved us, so we love
    amen sister

  16. So awesome!!!! You, Rose and most importantly our awesome God! Thank you.

  17. Amen. The world doesn’t need your guilt. It needs your action, your joy, your willingness to take what you have and do something meaningful with it. Thanks for doing just that. I’m honored to know you, Myquillyn.

  18. Love this! Yes absolutely. We’re not all called to do something drastic like sell all we own and move to a third world country. We can practically love and care for those hurting exactly where we’re at. And take what we’ve learned of the world and let it permeate into the every day. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Beautiful sentiments! It’s so hard to come home, but I love this reminder that there is still good and beauty and truth in doing what God has created us to do, wherever we are.

    Thank you!

  20. I loved this post. Thanks so much for your role in changing the lives of hundreds of children in poverty. God is using you … THANK YOU. Now dance.

  21. Because of you, Edie, Layla, and your sis, I have joined the ranks of sponsorship through Compassion to a darling little boy named Max who lives in Uganda. Now, how cool is that? (I’m talking about you, your blog, and the inspiration I get from you and others! :)

    I love blog reading, looking at kitchens, gardens, ideas, and stories about things we can do to serve others in need. THANK YOU, Jesus, for these wonderful people, that I call my friends, whom I have never met, but who inspire me to be Christlike.

    Keep blogging! Keep sharing! Keep inspiring us to do His will!

  22. Joan Miller says

    Hands down, the BEST answer to ANY question on the web!!!

  23. I am sure you gratitude written all over your heart. God has given you the ability to be creative, have a good eye, and be a great blogger. Because of your opportunities, you get to give back more. I commend you for putting yourself out there leaving your family and volunteering your time and acknowledging the poverty stricken areas of our world. Your intentions are very clear with a kind heart, wanting to help even in a small way. Bravo to you dear!

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