Let’s Make Tassels!

how to make tassels

I made my first decorative tassel eleven years ago. Shortly after I started selling them locally. Once I started Nesting Place I sold tassels on etsy and my shop was constantly sold out. It was a craft I loved but my blog was growing and I loved blogging more. So I closed up shop and wrote about my house.

how to make a tassel

In 2009 I wrote an eBook/PDF with 100 pages and over 100 photos all about how to make tassels for your home and how to sell them. Every year around this time sales pick up. People see pretty tassels at craft shows, come home and google how to make them and find the ebook.

how to make a tassel tassle

I got in a tassel making mood the other day and quickly realized that the new, modern tassels I was creating were a little different than what I used to make and deserved their own tutorials. I created all sorts of different tutorials for all sorts of different tassels,  all right here for you on one 68 page downloadable PDF with over 70 photos packed with encouraging words.

how to make tassels DIY

There are instructions for tassels made into jewelry, key rings, shoelaces for your cute boots, bags, on gits and for gifts. You can spend five dollars on materials, watch a movie on TV and make a handful of tassels to top off your gifts with this Christmas. You can be super thrifty, find some thrift store wares and embellish them with tassels for gifts.

Sometimes all it takes is one  little handmade component to take an everyday, inexpensive store bought gift to the next level where it becomes original and thoughtful. The tassel is that one little thing.

Hosting a gathering at your house over the holidays? Make tassels together. Invite the youth group girls over for hot chocolate and crafts and make tassels, teach your MOPS group how to make tassels. Make tassels with your children. It’s a skill you’ll use over and over.

DIY tassels

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We’ll start with the two main methods of making tassels and then you’ll get ideas on where to use them and how to embellish them. The PDF is $4.99 and if you want to bundle it with the Original Tassel Handbook–the eBook I wrote four years ago about how to make decorative tassels for your home, you can get them both for $10 for four days only.

decorative tassels for your home

tutorials for tassels like these are in the Original Tassel Handbook

Both of these PDFs are designed to be read on your computer, the pages are wide and computer sized so you can easily scroll down them. Feel free to zoom out if you want to read it a little smaller.

The Original Tassel Handbook (called Tassel Ebook) focuses on high end tassels with a lot of personality that you use to decorate your home, I sold tassels like this for $24-$45 in my shop. This ebook is $10 and a great companion to the new updated PDF. Click below to add the original Tassel Ebook to your cart.

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The New Updated & On Trend Tassels focuses on embellishing with smaller tassels to create a festive mood in your home and to wear as jewelry or embellish gifts and items you use every day. Click “add to cart” below to add the new Updated Tassel PDF to your cart.

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  1. I am sad you did not have a basic tutorial included in this post.

    • I bet if you Google’d for a minute you could find a free tassel tutorial — when I started sewing five years ago that’s what I did to learn how to sew :) There are an abundance of resources online, for free. Let this encourage you! But, if you want Nester’s specific styling I know her PDF will be a great purchase! xoxo

    • You will love the first one if you like tassels. A basic tassel is a hard center thing surrounded by fringe or other stuff that can move, I’m going to buy the second book now. I think I’ll make some tassel dolls.

  2. Title should say “Let’s BUY tassels”. It’s misleading. I understand you want to sell your book and make money but you should SAY that. Sigh……..

  3. I’m growing to love tassels. I’m sorta minimalist so I didn’t like them at first. But when I saw a simple yet beautiful decor with a gorgeous antique desk with a tassel hanging from its drawer knob, I fell in love! I’d love to try my hands on those tassels this Christmas.

  4. Love these ideas! :)

  5. Buy or make? Doesn’t matter this is awesome!

  6. I love it. Had no difficulties downloading (and it only put the bundle in the cart) and for pity screamin’ why shouldn’t you be able to sell it, you did do all the work, I just clicked some buttons ;-) Thank you!

  7. Did you seriously make all the tassels you’ve shared here? I mean, I’m sure you did, but you amaze me! The cost of your ebooks don’t come close to what those blasted specialty decor items cost…maybe THIS should be the etsy store I open :).

    Just kidding. But having an etsy store one day is on my bucket list :).

  8. Yay!!! You are so talented!! So excited for this! ♥

  9. So glad to see you haven’t given up making tassels!! I have to say though, that I love your ‘original’ tassels best! Love, love, love them. They are more my taste, anyway. Would love to see more of them!! I have your first book.

  10. Nester, I love this new take on tassels! Your necklaces are so perfect and sweet and FUN!. As long as I have your ear, I still have to lament your tassels of old. I was introduced to tassels late in the game and was only able to procure ONE of yours. I don’t want them in every single room of my home, but there are still 2 or 3 places begging for one of your tassels! I read your book and made several valiant attempts, but it obviously not God’s plan for me to be a tassel maker. Who knows, your new creations have me rejuvenated, I just might surprise God yet! Be blessed!

  11. Girl! How did you find time to do this? You amaze me. Moving, no kitchen, Christmas…new ebook. No big deal. Whew. Congratulations!

  12. Your tassels are still inspiring me to this day! So thankful for you!

  13. I love tassels! I’ll download the book tonight and tassel away this weekend :) Thanks for putting the ebook together.

  14. these are gorgeous. definitely going to have to make some! and seeing your older version made me realize that i think your old tassels are how i originally found your site :) so fun!

  15. I bought your tassel book back in the day and i don’t make them at ALL. But I was researching e books at the time and i emailed you and you directed me to Seth Godin and you through him got me on the road with my own ebook (which was a great success!). So thank you!

  16. P. S. I dreamed i went to your new barn thingie.

  17. Tassel making looks like lots of fun! I’ll think about buying the ebook. I have a question, though, about the beautiful gourd lamp in the second photo, which I also saw in your BHG Christmas post. Where did you buy it? I love it! It’s a great shape and size.

  18. I’m so excited about your tassel book, I have been wishing for this! I am from the South and there is always a tassel on your china cabinet, cedar chest, etc. Mine are all falling apart.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  19. I love those tassels, but I want those books!

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    I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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  22. You truly are amazing! Thanks so much for offering this ebook ~ can’t wait to try the different styles. I’m sorry some folks choose to leave less than complimentary remarks. Of course, I’m late to the party but so happy to have found this!

    Have a wonderful week ~

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  24. Jennifer L. Intravatola says

    Please, someone help me! I am trying to purchase these and I get an error message! :(

  25. Joy Sylvester says

    I would like then updated tassel ebook. Is it no longer available?

  26. I just discovered you and your beautiful projects. I’ve signed up on Facebook and on the blog. I see your tassel ebook and I am trying to buy the “The Ultimate Tassel Guide” and follow up ebook but all I get is an error message. Please Help!

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