nesting place kitchen

We have counters!

Our white quartz counters were installed last week, right in time for Thanksgiving! And I have a sink!!!! WATER!

white kitchen

Here’s a comparison to the day before counters. BC as I should call it. Also known as the Dark Ages.   DSC_9757


There are still a million little things that need to happen, electricity, outlets, priming, painting, hardware, sealing things, choosing other lighting, the hood, backsplash, making a decision on the open shelving, figuring out what to put on the ends of the island, replacing the floor molding, refinishing the floors, and phase two of the kitchen– the refrigerator wall. But all of that can wait because we are FUNCTIONAL!! And water and an oven have changed my life!





We do have a seam. And five years ago I probably would have whined and fretted about it. Today, I DON’T even care!!! I’m just so happy! Those two counter-top-installer-men said I was the happiest person they’ve ever installed for. When they asked how long I had to wait for my beautiful white counters I immediately replied “20 years and it was worth it.”  Because it’s true.

As tiresome, imperfect and humble as this little kitchen is–it is a DREAM to get to do this!

ikea sink

Did I mention that we have running water in our kitchen now?! I’ve decided that the kitchen sink it truly the heart of a home.


Thanksgiving! Y’all, I can’t stop !!!!!ing!!!


Best day ever, sink installation!


Thanks to your advice Chad and I went to the counter store and looked at the edges, we ended up changing ours to a 1/8 of an inch something–bevel? I’m really really happy with it. THANK you all for your help!


We also have four counter stools where the boys can sit and eat breakfast and make their lunches. When my sister came in town she convinced me that if we wanted we could even squeeze one more in. I might get an extra just to keep around. The stools are from World Market (they had a 25% off coupon last week!), and I’ll have a big long, huge resources list once this kitchen is done. In five years.


Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad were there too–I have no idea why they aren’t in my kitchen photos.


Also? Black Beauty works like a dream!


Congratulations to the winner of the 5th Annual Do Less Be More DaySpring $500 Shopping Spree….

Mark & Jan Ryder!! You Won!!  Check your email for details!