Christmas Giftwrap from my Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas Photo Shoot

christmas giftwrap

Last year, since our Christmas BHG shoot was in January, I needed fake gifts to sprinkle around the house. I used black, white and regular kraft paper. I wanted it to feel handmade with a touch of modern (thank you black paper) and then I embellished the gifts with string and doilies and sequins and paper. It was fun to get to hang out in the dance mom section of the fabric store and get some sequinsey bling for the gifts too!

I took all these photos last year in the rental house, oh how I miss that room of windows with the glorious light…


yarn pom with felt leaves/black paper for ribbon


pom on a gift wrapped in stock market wallpaper I found years ago at a thrift store, wall paper is great gift wrap, it folds nicely and I usually hot glue it closed


simple gift wrap

stars punched out with a little punch (I found mine at Michael’s craft store last year but can’t find the same one online) and glued onto paper



Sale clay gift tags from Anthropologie last year paired with a black ribbon and a pedal pusher I had in my closet


finally! this boy mom has a reason for sequins!


thrifted doilies tied on and helped with a few tiny dots of hot glue


DSC_0342  DSC_0304



lace & stuff from the fabric store



I’m a crazy person who sometimes saves interesting parts of clothing

refer to this project for further evidence:

embellished throw


I’m slightly partial to the pom, sorry for all the close-ups



I like my gifts to look like they are friends but not twins.

When it comes to wrapping I LOVE a pretty gift but it’s not the most important thing. Last year since a magazine was coming and my pretend gifts were going to be forever recorded to inspire people I made sure they were lookers. And in a perfect world every gift would get good attention because I secretly LOVE to embellish gifts. I secretly want the gift I give to be the prettiest gift in the room because I have gift vanity. But in reality, I’ve hired help to wrap (remember how we buy stacks of Jesus Callings?) and our boys help wrap and really, we don’t even have that many gifts to wrap anyway. But I don’t want you to get the idea that I’ve never used Sponge Bob paper because duh, who wouldn’t love getting a pink starfish on their Christmas paper?


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  1. Your packages are inspiring! Who needs a gift when the box is so pretty? I’m kind of partial to Star Wars gift wrap. Merry Christmas from the Dark Side!

  2. thank you for sharing these…super inspired right now about wrapping :) and i think the sequin “ribbon” is a fantastic idea. i have five nieces that would just love that sparkle!

  3. Fun post. But you know what my biggest takeaway was? How you miss the windows in the rental. I think it just further illustrates your point about enjoying and making the most of wherever you are! Because even though the rental was not your dream home-and now you’re in it-no where is perfect and there’s something wonderful about wherever you are. You just need to open your eyes and see it.

  4. truth!

    and you know, the reason it’s so dark in our current house is a GREAT reason, it’s because we have a wonderful wrap around porch that I LOVE. pros and cons!

  5. These are gorgeous! If I received a gift this pretty I’m not sure I’d ever unwrap it.
    I especially love the fact that they are simple enough even for the domestically-challenged. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. I still think that less is more so these gifts are wrapped just right. all things need a lil pop or sparkle to make you feel special without going overboard. It looks simple and fun to do.

  7. Love these wrapping ideas…the star punch is brilliant! I am using brown paper wrapped up with strings…hmmm that would make a great song…this year. I like the simple style and especially that it can all be recycled.

  8. these are soo fun and fresh!!

  9. donna attaway says

    Always love your blog!!! definitely at the top of my “look at ” list along with Chatting at the Sky!!!
    Where did your purchase the great kraft paper?
    Love your positive inspiring style!!! take care :)

  10. “I have gift vanity.”
    Love this…. Me, too! But my best friend (who shares this trait) and I call it “Wrapping Righteousness.”

  11. Beautiful!!! I love to get a beautifully wrapped gift. It makes me feel like I’m really getting TWO gifts! (and sometimes I am if there’s a unique ribbon or tie-on). But… I wish my own gift-wrapping skills went beyond the 6th grade. GIFT-WRAPPING is not my gift. LOL (a little pun there…)

  12. I’ve used brown mailing paper for years, but never thought to search for a different color! Brillz!

  13. You really out did yourself with the beautiful wrapping job. I’m afraid I wouldn’t want to rip into it…too pretty to mess up. I love it, though…Gorgeous.

  14. I love every. single. one. You always inspire!

  15. so so good. I would not want to open any of them.

  16. I love the whole lot of them! I also love how you like your gifts to look like they are friends but not twins. I feel ya on that one.

  17. Excellent ideas! I have some of those same old crocheted doilies and lace pieces from my great grandmother’s needlework shop. You gave me a great way to decorate some family gifts with a piece of history. Thank you!

  18. I was just thinking yesterday that I want to buy some Kraft paper & simplify my wrapping supplies (and use up the ton of ribbon that I apparently hoard). I’ve never seen colored Kraft paper, though…..where do you buy it!?
    Btw, I also save interesting bits from old clothing. You’re not alone there. :)

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