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I LOVE wreaths, especially when they are made from interesting or surprising objects.

In the past I’ve made a spoon wreath, coffee filter wreath, fur wreath, and a pom pom wreath sometimes because I wanted to be creative, but mostly because I wanted to use things I already had.

But it’s you who have made the most extraordinary wreaths of all–here’s a link up we had a few years ago with over 300 wreaths made with all sorts of objects.

And here’s my You Made A Wreath Out of WHAT? Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

If you’ve recently made a wreath out of something unexpected, leave us a link in the comments? (one link per comment please or else my blog will think you are spammer)

That’s wreaths, uncomplified.

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  1. I made a wreath with origami flowers for Easter this past year:


  2. I made an oyster shell wreath this summer from shells I collected while on vacation with my family!


  3. Thanks Myquillyn for sharing my wreath! I love this type of decoration at home and my wreath whit laurel is very useful in the kitchen…
    you migth also like this one

  4. ops… with laurel!

  5. You are the queen of unexpected wreaths, Myquillyn! I’ve got to train my brain to think outside the box on this one….especially since I always love a wreath. :) This wreath isn’t original…but it is a bit unexpected…and it was perfect for my laundry room. I ended up placing a round piece of black cardstock behind the hole when I hung it on the wall. Which helped it stand out a wee bit more.
    Here the link: http://anextraordinaryday.net/clothespin-wreath-tutorial-laundry-room-art/

  6. This is funny on the heels of my “non-existant” Fall Wreath {talk about “uncomplified”!}


    but I am loving looking at all of these fabulous and unique ideas for future!

  7. I love wreaths, too! I have an entire wall in our garage that holds our wreaths. Hanging and waiting for their turn! I took a different approach to our Fall wreath this year. No pumpkins, gourds, or silk sunflowers on this one. http://likeasaturday.com/2013/09/24/crafty-fall-wreath/

  8. I started to say “Clothespins!” because of this project I made: http://www.impartinggrace.com/2012/04/sunburst-mirror-under-10-under-1-hour.html

    Then I remembered that was a clothespin mirror, not a wreath. But you could you could absolutely make it into a wreath instead of a mirror!

  9. My weird wreath out of the tassels on my ornamental grasses in my yard.

  10. I love wreaths…yep I’m guilty of wreath-ing for pretty much every season or holiday! I recently made one with lace and crows for Halloween! http://www.aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com/halloween-crow-wreath/

  11. I love it! I am more of a banner girl than wreath person. I made one out if old cardboard recently that I just love.

  12. For some reason, a wreath on the door tells me there is a welcoming love inside the home. Here is a wreath I made last fall. We have a low voltage light over our door, so this little face smiled at my neighbors, day and night, for the month of October. http://stepintoourgarden.com/homespun-pumpkin-wreath/

  13. I made a wreath out of book pages but not the kind where the book pages are cut into leaves–I cut the book pages into strips and kind of curled them. The pictures are terrible but I think it turned out cute!


  14. Wow there are a ton of great ideas in that link of wreaths. I really like how creative people can get with such a simple idea. Thank you for sharing.

  15. love that wreath pic you posted! simple + beautiful. I made a free “wreath” last year out of pinecones & ribbon. It was one of my fave things for Christmas!

  16. I love wreaths. They are so welcoming and just give a sense that this is a Home not just a house. We have two front doors now (French doors) and I’m hoping to find time to make a pair of coordinating wreaths sometime this year. Maybe a frame that I can change out the decorations on for each season. Since making 2 wreaths for every season makes me want to take a nap.

  17. Love these!! The fur and pompoms are awesome for the holidays!

  18. ooooh, love that wreath! I guess I’m always late to the party. Just a few months after your wreath party, I made this Winter Scarf wreath using an inexpensive scarf and glove for a bow! I still love it. http://sally-drinkingfrommysaucer.blogspot.com/2011/12/winter-scarf-wreath.html

  19. I recently pleated some fabric for a fall wreath that I LOVE. It’s uncomplified too. Simple folds, double stick tape and a few pins are all you need for this one!


  20. Here’s a link to a winter wreath I made last year with a scarf


  21. Last fall, I wanted to make a yarn wrapped wreath with some leaves on it, but I didn’t want to go buy a wreath base. I made my own wreath base by taking some toilet paper and paper towel tubes, cutting them into small segments, duct taped them into a ring, and wrapped the (free, hand-me-down) yarn around that. Then I cut leaves out of construction paper and paper grocery bags and arranged them in a “swag” kind of shape at the bottom where a bow would be. I don’t have a blog, so I don’t have a picture to link to, but the wreath came out really cute and I didn’t buy anything new for it!

  22. Why, I just finished one out of fabric left from my Grandmother’s scrap bag–the remnants of clothing and quilts she had sewn. (She has been dead 30+ years, but I still recognize fabric from house-dresses she wore.) And I mean JUST finished–the snips are all over my living room floor and chair. I cut pieces with pinking shears and tied them to an old metal wreath frame I had saved from something else.

  23. I am headed over to look at those 300 wreath ideas. The one you have here is just beautiful! I love how sweet and simple it is- xo Diana

  24. Miquillyn,

    I love the wreath pictured at the beginning of your post! I made one out of discarded corn husks from our farmer neighbor’s field, after he harvested.

    I am really enjoying your renovation progress, having just done the same thing on our new old farmhouse last year! It’s so much work – but so rewarding. I am thankful every single day for God’s provision to our family of this wonderful old home with its 160 year old trees!

    And I can see you have the same gratitude for yours. :). Isn’t God good?!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Grace and Peace to you and your menfolk,

  25. Love all the ideas shared here. So beautiful and creative. I have a book page wreath and a simple fabric wrapped wreath that I made which I love – now I’m itching to try some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Since you don’t have a kitchen right now, I was thinking about you when I saw this recipe for a slow-cooker gingerbread cake. Don’t know if you like gingerbread, but if you do it sounds good and would make your house smell delicious!

  27. I made a wreath last year out of a flat sheet. We’ve just moved to a house with a double front door, so I think I need to make another one to match.


  28. Who doesn’t love a good wreath? I made these little cuties out of star anise to tie on the back of my dining room chairs for the holidays:


  29. I’m cheating a little because this wreath isn’t exactly made out of anything unexpected. Just fabric. BUT it was the first wreath I ever made and I’m super excited about it. The wreath cost less than $10 to make because I scrounged all of the supplies from thrift stores and secondhand shops: http://redleafstyle.com/2012/12/20/do-it-yourself-fabric-wreath/

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