…their baby would be my wreath.  But instead of costing $128 like the tufted wool wreath on the right or $298 like the Snow Pearls Wool wreath on the left it cost me less than $45.

Here’s what it looks like up close.

And further away….

Want to see how I made it?

felted wool snowball wreath DIY

I started with this white pom-pom wreath form from Target.  It was on sale for $22 the other day when I bought it but the regular price is $24.99.  I also found a stem of snowballs from Michael’s Craft store for $6.99 then 50% off that, and I bought five boiled wool balls from Target for $3 each.  You can make your own if you do the whole felted wool thing but for me buying them was easier and cheaper and faster.

Those target ornaments actually look like this on one side…

But the colors are just needled felted on so you can easily pull the colored felt right off.  You don’t have to since you can glue them on backwards but I figured it gave me more surface area to work with.

Here comes the worst part, you have to tear the bells off the wreath.  This is the do or die part of coming up with a tutorial, you know that you could in this moment waste a perfectly good $22.99. It feels so VERY wrong to tear up a new wreath.  But design won out.  Hold the wreath tight around where the bell is glued on and pull that sucker off.  If it sticks too much, set the wreath on a cold porch or in the freezer for a few, the cold helps the glue pop right off.

Here’s the de-belled wreath.  It now has bald spots and you are hoping your husband doesn’t walk in and ask why you are tearing up the wreath you just bought.

Next I looked around my house for anything I could make more pom-poms out of. I had these two interesting yarns from another project (both from Michael’s too) so I grabbed those.

And I wrapped the bells (that I pulled off the original wreath) with the yarn.  Hot gluing every now and then to secure it.

Same with the other yarn.  Just wrap it up, gluing  every now and then, until you can’t tell it’s a bell.

I also had a blanket with pom poms that keep falling off.  So I’ve been saving these poms. I pulled the moss off, cut the strings and added those on the wreath too. Search around your house, maybe you have fur or wool you could felt or styrofoam balls and Epsom salt, or grab your pom-pom maker and make some poms, use what you have to add different textures to your wreath.

Then glue on all the different snowballs you have in all the empty spaces on your wreath.

After I took photos of the wreath in my office, I found another type of pom.

So I glued those little fellas on as well. It kind of becomes an obsession, you’ll start seeing poms everywhere, the next door neighbors scarf, your friend’s daughters shoes…everywhere and you will want to cut them off and add them to your wreath.

Happy Pom-Poming!

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