fiddle leaf fig

Last year I bought a little Fiddle Leaf Fig from Home Depot. I’ve been on the lookout for another one ever since. Then the other day I found one at Ikea–same price, just $12! The only problem, I was not there to buy a huge plant and of course there was one plant I particularly liked more than the others so I hated to pass it up and come back later only to have to choose from decrepit, sorry, holey plants. I actually went there to grab a pair of drapes and then, I had some work with me and I was all prepared with my work in a big tote bag to sit up in the cafe and get to it for an hour or so. If you’ve never worked on a Monday-Thursday at Ikea I highly recommend it. It’s not crowded, there’s great light and lots of tables and not super loud music. Plus, meatballs!

fiddle leaf fig

Finding this plant really put a kink in my plans. But I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t grab it so as much as it complified my life for ten extra minutes to have to pay for my stuff and walk to the car and then come all the way back in and up to the cafe– I did it. I’ve already been paid back for the complification with enjoyment of my new plant. And ultimately, it uncomplifies my life because I can check that off my mental list of things I always keep a lookout for.

When’s the last time you found something you were looking for at a complicated time? Did you get it anyway or pass it up?

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