Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig

Last year I bought a little Fiddle Leaf Fig from Home Depot. I’ve been on the lookout for another one ever since. Then the other day I found one at Ikea–same price, just $12! The only problem, I was not there to buy a huge plant and of course there was one plant I particularly liked more than the others so I hated to pass it up and come back later only to have to choose from decrepit, sorry, holey plants. I actually went there to grab a pair of drapes and then, I had some work with me and I was all prepared with my work in a big tote bag to sit up in the cafe and get to it for an hour or so. If you’ve never worked on a Monday-Thursday at Ikea I highly recommend it. It’s not crowded, there’s great light and lots of tables and not super loud music. Plus, meatballs!

fiddle leaf fig

Finding this plant really put a kink in my plans. But I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t grab it so as much as it complified my life for ten extra minutes to have to pay for my stuff and walk to the car and then come all the way back in and up to the cafe– I did it. I’ve already been paid back for the complification with enjoyment of my new plant. And ultimately, it uncomplifies my life because I can check that off my mental list of things I always keep a lookout for.

When’s the last time you found something you were looking for at a complicated time? Did you get it anyway or pass it up?

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  1. Yes, meatballs. That is all.

  2. I found a beautiful cactus plant. In winter. In Montana. And I was expected at dinner at a restaurant. I brought my little happy plant along with me inside. And then I started doing that a lot because really restaurant tables are cold and uninviting. It probably was not nearly as large as your plant. But it made me so happy.

  3. Headed there today, and might just complify my life if I find a similar one…

  4. I feel like most times (with a 3 and almost 2 year old) are “complicated” :), so if it’s something I’ve been looking for and it’s a good price, I’ll usually grab it.

    So glad you mentioned the FFL again–I’ve been looking for a pretty indoor plant that is hard to kill :).

  5. So enjoying where you are going, have gone and go. :) with your series. I’m still coveting the handbag. And I don’t believe we have Ikea in SC. Boo hoo. Meatballs :) yumsome.

  6. Yep. Love the meatballs there … even though we had to drive an hour and a half to enjoy a serving.


  7. I have a house plant obsession. My husband is not a fan.

    I want a fiddle leaf fig so badly! And what a fun name it has!

  8. First of all, your ‘plus meatballs’ comment almost made me spill my coffee!
    But on the actual subject of your post, I am sad to say I am usually the one who just passes things by and then wishes for them later on. I saw some beautiful little cactus plants a week or so ago and wanted them so badly to line up in my kitchen window, but I passed them by because I had other things to get and didn’t think I should mess with it. I may run back up to Home Depot today for those little plants :)

  9. The plant looks stunning!
    I happened upon some neat wallpaper half off, and I got it.

  10. Love the fiddle leaf figs! I wish I could get one put they’re poisonous to animals (just got a kitten)…and kids (though my kids don’t usually eat plants..) :)

  11. beentheredunthat says

    Ah, do I spy a Home Goods chair? $99? They are seen in some on-line catalogs for $500. two of my friends and I are collecting them when we can find them. One gets the navy blue linen, the other has the sky blue linen and I get the grey and beige. They are found at the sister stores of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx as well as Home goods. They look very “Gustavian” Swedish. We just keep checking and buy them for one another when found. Luckily we all wanted different colors.

    And I do like the structure of that foliage on the fig plant. My motto has always been – buy it when you see it. which explains why I come home from trips with armoires strapped to the roof of my car.

    Did you all miss the story of the REAL ingredients in the Ikea meatballs? Google that. big scandal in Europe, although I think the US product was OK.

  12. She Who Shall Not Be (Real)Named says

    I couldn’t get past the words “complified” and “uncomplified”. I had to look them up – I had never heard them used before and could not believe they are real words. They sound like made up words for complicated & uncomplicated. :D Like ‘strategery’. :D hee hee

    Love IKEA’s meatballs. ;)

  13. Funny enough….the thing I found last at the wrong time was a fiddle leaf fig! I was running into the grocery store to pick up something last minute to send to school the next day. Kids were not happy we were having to go to the grocery store in the first place. And there it was outside…tucked right in with all the tropical plants outside for $9.99. Had to go in and get a buggy (while making the kids guard it), come back out and load it up, and then wheel it around. Then had to stuff it between the children for the ride home! It’s about the size of yours, and it’s growing great! Read somewhere that someone had named theirs “Figgy Smalls” so that’s totally what mine is being called, too!

  14. Nice! I’ve been wanting a fiddle leaf fig tree ever since I started seeing them last year. But I heard they were expensive, so I never even looked into them. $12!!! Ahhh…sounds like a fabulous reason to go to Ikea! Thanks for the heads up :)

  15. I recently saw a midcentury dresser on my way home from church with a Free sign on it. I had both my kids with me and no hubby. The thing was heavy as all get-out. It didn’t fit in my hatchback so I had to drive with the trunk door open. My son was wailing the entire time, “This is the worst day ever!” while I hissed, “It’ll be fine if we don’t drive fast!” and kept stopping every mile to make sure it was not slipping out of my car. It had a broken drawer and lots of scratches. My husband regretted letting me buy a bigger vehicle that could haul things like dusty old dressers.

    BUT! A little stain and wood glue, and the dresser works perfectly in the kitchen to corral all the kids’ art supplies—something I’d been looking for. I had almost picked up this not-quite-right cabinet at Savers, and saw some things at garage sales that would have worked but didn’t charm me. In the end I was thrilled that the perfect solution was free, even if it involved a little complication.

    And because I love sharing this picture with people, here it is!

    I am really enjoying your 31 days posts. I am a fellow one-handbag-only girl!!

  16. I would think you uncomplified your life by not having to go back for it later…On another note, I need an IKEA!

  17. I grabbed the same ikea plant, but yours looks much better. Mine has endured a slow decline and now only has a few leafs left. Generally plants like me, but this one does not. How have you kept it happy??

  18. I never thought of working at IKEA.. What a great idea and you get to eat their delicious food too!

  19. My plants don’t get complicated until I move them out to our porch for the summer and it’s time to move them back inside in the fall. I have a giant fern from my dad’s funeral and an even bigger “palm tree” from my grandpa’s that’s almost 13 years old. In fact, I’m struggling with their new livingspaces now. ;)

  20. Oh, I love fiddle leaf figs! I’m on the lookout for one too. So true that sometimes a little complicated ends up saving you more complication down the line.

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