How to Throw A Stress Free Party

going away party

Our dear friends, Karrie and Josh sold everything they owned, bought an RV and are on their way to a fresh, adventurous start. Our friend Maria asked me to help plan a going away party and we knew we wanted it to be three things, beautiful, delicious and simple.

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Be Simple. Simply Be.

As fall arrives and 31 Days of Home Uncomplified comes to an end this week. I hope if nothing else, we’ve all learned to be a little easier on ourselves. Stop with all the high and mighty expectations that exhaust us and steal the joy from the very thing we were working so hard to […]

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But Why?

  This weekend Chad and I are talking about Blog and Marriage at the Allume Conference. I’ll try to get some notes up for you from our talk as soon as we are finished with them. While I was thinking about it I realized that I never shared the notes from what I talked about […]


about garden I LOVE wreaths, especially when they are made from interesting or surprising objects. In the past I’ve made a spoon wreath, coffee filter wreath, fur wreath, and a pom pom wreath sometimes because I wanted to be creative, but mostly because I wanted to use things I already had. But it’s you who […]

Leather Bunting Banner Pennant Thing

I bought a package of scrap leather from Hobby lobby (don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon), punched through it with first a big staple, but that didn’t leave a big enough hole so I grabbed a nail from our floor installation. Then I used some leather thread and a needle to connect the […]

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I’m Glad I Said Yes

Friday afternoon our first official house guests showed up. They were a family of five who were willing to sleep all over the house, use bathrooms with counters leaned up against pulled down walls for privacy and stay in a house without a kitchen. They stayed one night, helped us move a refrigerator, hang string […]

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