We Have A Dream

litte white housecountry living

It’s been ten years since we’ve house shopped. Six years since we lived in a house we weren’t renting. And now that our debt is paid off we are saving up for our next house. We love our community, the people at our church are dear to us–my husband works there part time, and after six years we have those deep friendships that only come with staying in one place. We’d prefer not to start over.

mulberry farmmulberry hill

But we also have a hazy dream…

It has to do with having a little gathering place. To me it’s a place to have the a Big Sale with Angela without having to squeeze you all into a little rented clubhouse. It’s a place where we have a swap meet, a place where we bring Mandie in and she teaches us how to paint furniture, Kristi comes and teaches us slipcover making, we get together and do crafts. Reeve can come sing and there’s room to listen.  I’ve done most of this at my house already. But I’d rather have a dedicated place for people, for you to come so we can hang out. And maybe have a white peacock or two roaming around. And in my dream it’s in the mountains which is not where we live currently which completely contradicts another part of my dream. Like I said, the dream is hazy.

To my husband it’s a place for all that but also a place for him to do a little more intensive listening, a place where he can teach a parenting series or pastor people without having to work for a church, a place for our family to be together, a place with a pond so he can duck hunt.

To both of us, it’s also a place to live.

barndelight by design

My parents have a similar dream. So we’ve been wondering if maybe we can combine them. We’re even hoping my sister‘s family could find some kind of use for something like this one day.


Our dream location would be somewhere close enough to where we currently are, north of Charlotte, NC that we could still be a part of our community, somewhere close enough to an ice rink that it’s less than an hour drive, somewhere with more than five acres, with a house or two, with another structure on it so we can use that for gatherings. All of our criteria is barely possible to find together so we know we’ll need to be open to change and our dream has changed a lot over the past few years and I’m guessing it will continue to change. The only difference now is we are nearer being in the position to make it happen

Lastly, as I get ready to hit publish I realize I’m nervous. I’ve been nervous all week with all the stuff I’ve shared but this one surprises me. Why would I be nervous to share this? It’s tells me how near and dear this dream is to me.

Today is the third post in a series: Things You Might Not Know About Me. Previous posts: Becoming Debt Free & Six Odd Tips That Helped Us Pay Off $150,000,  Nice to Meet You: My Real Name

Now it’s your turn, what’s your dream?


  1. You need to look for an old summer camp. Sounds like a lovely dream!!

  2. I also have a crazy similar dream that I have been afraid to share…but maybe I will on my blog….in short, I dream of a farm where my family can live and have lots of little cottages on the property to house young, single mothers. I volunteer at our local pregnancy resource center and see so many young ladies that have no where to live and are too old for teenage shelters. Often times they end up living with bad boyfriends just to have a roof over their head. Lots to think and pray about for sure!
    I can’t wait to see how your story of house hunting unfolds!

  3. Sounds like a lovely dream. And love how much it includes your family :)

  4. Three years ago God began to give my husband and I a vision of moving us and giving us a house that would be a haven for people to truly rest and have Grace spoken over them. The fulfillment of that vision would require us to pack up and move our children away from our home and our family. We prayed, we waited,…and waited. When the timing was right, my husband was offered the job and we moved half way across the country. I’m so pleased to tell you that we are closing on our “haven” in 5 hours from now. When God gives us a vision, sometimes it seems too fantastical to be true. But REST! God works in the details! I will pray that you experience a double portion of the blessings we have received in following where God leads. And if you are ever in the Ft. Worth area (and are looking for a haven in which to rest) look me up…

  5. I’m living my dream for the most part. I’m homeschooling my children, we have a garden, bees, cattle and poultry. The only thing I would change is my USDA gardening zone. Zone 3 is very limiting.

  6. Ours was building a dream home on a couple acres in the country. Our dream will be completely done and finished August/ September of this year!!!! It’s nice to dream, and they really can come true. Praying you’ll find your dream place.

  7. Thanks for all your sharing posts. It is a great testimony of what GOD has done in your life.

  8. I so understand about sharing your dream. I feel the same way. I have created this “dream” in my mind, spent time building the dream up and fantasizing about it and there is some part of me that feels like if I share it with everyone it wont be as “sacred” or special or mine.

    I GET THAT!!

    • well put, plus once you share it you get worried people will ask you about it and if it doesn’t happen you look all dumb! or is that just me?

      • Nester (would you prefer to be called by your name now? you commented as Nester so I’m addressing you as Nester because I think that’s your preference), I completely aggree! I feel like once I announce my plans I have to perform.

  9. I love your dream. I have a dream of living in the country on a bunch of acres, with a barn and chickens running around and happy family all around me. A big farm house with a huge porch and rockers. I have pictures in my head since I was little of what it would all look like. I hope you start living your dream. God has ways of making things happen when it fits into His plan.

  10. Yes, it is scary to share out loud your deepest wishes! I have a dream that my Etsy shop would grow to the point that my husband and I could work on it full time, together. And also, I’d really like a farm with lots of children (animals are okay, children are better :))

  11. LOVE your dream and LOVE that you shared it even more. That’s why I love your blog – and a handful of others. My dream is to start a blog and share stories from my heart that might touch other people’s hearts. Making money doing it would be pretty cool too. :)

  12. These posts are amazing – and reading the stories in the comments is the icing on the cake! Will enjoy following to see how God moves in this area of your life!

  13. I love your dream. Seriously. And to have family share in it is just icing on top of that decadent cake.

  14. My dream has always been to live in the New England area. Somewhere with trees, and beautiful history, close to the ocean. Having said that though, I truly have more than I ever dreamed possible!! We live within 10 minutes of our children and grandchildren and my parents. My husband and I are healthy, as are said family. We have food, shelter, clothes, enough to share. My husband has his horses. I realize all that can change in a heartbeat (we’ve been there). But for today we are good! We thank God and give Him praise every day for whatever He gives. Or not.

    • Hey Nancy,

      I live in New England, NH to be precise. If you ever want to take a trip up this way let me know, maybe we could work something out so that you would have a place to stay during your vacation:). It is truly like being in the very center of God’s creative masterpiece. We are about 20 minutes away from the ocean, 1 hour away from the mountains and only 1.5hrs away from Boston. Your sista in NE:)

      • Oh my word, Kathy. Thank you for that sweetest of invites!! :) When I was very young. Too young to remember, in fact. We lived in Derry, NH. The only thing I remember is a birthday party my sisters and I attended for a boy named David. His mother gave each of us a lovely little hankerchief to take home. Thank you for bringing that memory to mind! Maybe we can email cuz you just may have “someone” being able to visit some day. :) nsavoryoma@aim.com

  15. I love the pictures you chose…. I love your dream, and that your family is a part of it! I have had a dream – even before I was married – to have a house, that I could paint, decorate, rearrange, whenever. I guess somewhere buried deep I still have that dream, and I would love to have a studio space to host/teach art classes and offer encouragement and creativity to others. I keep pushing that dream to the back burner, as life continues to move in a different direction…Thanks for the encouragement to keep it simmering!

  16. We have been living our dream of Colorado living for 3 months now. We are experiencing Proverbs 13:12 “…a long fulfilled is a tree of life.”

  17. Wow, this totally struck a cord with me as my husband and I are currently praying into our God sized dream of owning our own little cafe. We want to have it in a home where people can truly feel the heart and soul of our hospitality. I would love to see a place right in the heart of our city, where we could serve up some beautiful food to those who feel less beautiful. A place where pastors and lay people can come to share a cup of “hope” with other pastors or with people who take a sip of the Living Water for the very first time. Small groups and prayers groups could meet here. I would love to be able to use this as an avenue to help out those who are presently unemployed/ looking for work. I am currently helping out a frazzled single mom w/ twins and would love to be able to offer her employment and stability. I KNOW God’s got it, its the waiting that is SO very hard!! I am sooo expectant though, to see how my God shows up in this, for I know it will be better than anything I could ever hope for or imagine. I LOVE that about Him :)

  18. wow! yes! dream it … pursue it … you KNOW that if that’s what God wants for you, it’s gonna happen!

    praying for the open doors, for you, for all of us that have big dreams …

  19. Thank you for this post…I also have a dream and I am also nervous. Through an unexpected change in my life’s journey I need to downsize and think I need a fresh start in a new place. I have so many things to take into consideration and I can’t seem to come to a decision. So hard for me to “jump”. Thank you, your words helped.

  20. I have been reading your blog for a couple of monthsand love it, but somehow I missed that you’re nearby! I live in the CLT area as well (Matthews)! Always amazed to find a “local” blogger that I love. Have a great day.

    • oh we are down in Matthews all the time for Hockey at the Extreme Ice Center. I wonder if you know of my dad? He’s on the radio New Life 91.9 Gary he’s on in the afternoonish?

  21. Thank you for sharing your dream. I just came across Urban Grace Interior blog’s old post about moving an old school house in the backyard, and I thought of you. It’s a perfect little place for holiday gatherings and parties.


    I’m so excited for you!!

  22. This sounds a lot like the place I was at this past Sunday. Sprawling acreage and farmland with several houses, bought by the grandparents with space for each child to build a home and grow a family, and for their children to do the same thing. There was a huge meeting area where we and hundreds of others sat and had cupcakes after the kids hunted easter eggs, then went for a tour led by one of the family members (a student of my husband’s) around the campus, through cow fields and woods, past the spot where he hopes to build his own house soon. On the way we ran into a few family members, cousins and their kids, who greeted us with typical Southern amicability before reminding our tour guide that everyone was headed out to dinner together in a couple of hours.

    When we got back to our car, my husband and I just kind of looked at each other with the sad looks on our faces. We have a dream like that, too.

    Though my hazy dream includes a home big enough for lots and lots of kids. LOTS of kids. :)

  23. I think you already know my dream. But I didn’t know this dream of yours. It sounds amazing. May I suggest driving around near Fisher Farm in Davidson. It’s beautiful out there and has a mountain feel. I want to live out there someday. Or maybe I could just live in one of your buildings:)

  24. Your dream is beautiful, you shouldn’t be nervous about sharing it. Everyone has dreams…and many are able to have their dreams come true. I pray yours does.
    Debbie :)

  25. This dream sounds like my dream. We are currently about 20 minutes outside of Raleigh, NC and our dream is to have a house built on some land – somewhere where we won’t have neighbors RIGHT next to us but at the same time isn’t too far out for family to come visit. But it’s big enough to house ALL of our family for when we have get togethers and somewhere where our kids can grow up and stay and know that that one place is their home. Somewhere where we have room to have chickens and cows and horses, but somewhere that isn’t far from “city” life and hospitals and grocery stores.

  26. I love the series you’re doing – how did you come up with it? Do you mind if I start a series like this on my blog? I will most definitely credit you with the idea.

    • no credit needed, I just felt a little disconnected from you all recently and had stuff going on I hadn’t had time to talk about here and felt like we needed to catch up, that’s all! I might do it once a year. Go for it, it’s been really fun!

  27. I dreamed for a long time about moving out of the city and having a much different lifestyle. But I didn’t really tell anyone the dream because I didn’t want to be disappointed when it didn’t happen, didn’t want my hubby to feel like I wasn’t happy with what he was providing, didn’t want to sound bratty/discontent with the beautiful life/home we had, etc. However, God made mountains move and fulfilled that dream. Unfortunately, because I had been so quiet, none of our friends realized how incredibly awesome it was for us. It was like we won the mega-lottery and no one even said congratulations. It kinda hurt, but really it wasn’t their fault. They didn’t know how much it meant to me. I’ve learned that when I hold on to my secret dreams I feel like I’m responsible for making it happen and should get the glory when it does. But when I put the dream out there and it’s painfully obvious that He will have to make it come true it is so much easier to heap all the glory on Him, regardless of the outcome. Dream on!!

  28. Mine is to be debt free, move out in the country a bit with at least 5 acres and open a dog rescue. It’s a very new dream. As my kids are getting older and I’m watching them start to visualize what they want their lives to be I’ve realized my only dream was always wife/mom. I have been watching my babies turn into teenagers and it has been kinda painful. When we lost 2 of our old dogs last year it was really hard on me, we ended up at our local shelter (which is a kill shelter) and adopted two big sweeties. It opened my eyes to the need for rescues to get these dogs out, so that is my dream. One day I want to get more out and on to forever homes. It sounds silly writing this down here honestly, so many others have bigger dreams. But I do feel like God sees my little dream and is ok with it.

  29. Thanks for sharing your beautiful dream with us. It inspires me to hold on to my similar dreams. Now “go boldly in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagined.” -Thoreau

  30. Wow. I am catching up and just read your “Debt free” post (ahh-mazing) and now this one. We had a dream to take our small, 1920s bungalow and renovate it into a big house where people would gather and to incorporate tiles we picked up on our UK honeymoon into the floors and hand pick antique windows & doors… and we did it! In 2001. It was beautiful. And in 2008, due to the economy and a failing business, we walked away from it (without the tiles…). So… I guess my “future home” dream is hazy now. Well, ok it’s more like a thick fog. Your blog has helped so much with my thoughts on renting. And I am sure the fog will lift and I’ll be able to look ahead at “what’s next” soon enough – just not sure where we will end up when (if) we buy again someday.
    Thanks for baring your soul (and your dreams) with all of us. Just writing that last paragraph was hard enough and I completely understand how scary it is to “hit publish” sometimes. :)

  31. Ah, the haziness of a dream. I like that because it makes sense of why our dream of making a family ranch, with our parents, has its ups and downs, and why the dream starts to feel like “too-much-work.” The dream starts to blur (probably in my tears).

    The upside is what we’ve accomplished already, the beauty, the goal. The downside is that we can’t live there yet, don’t have a finished house yet, still rent an unlovely house in our hometown several hours away. We also experienced a wildfire last summer that caused a lot of damage to clean up, re-fence, and set us back probably a year. The upside is that it wasn’t devastating … nobody was hurt, no animals lost, no buildings lost.

    The challenge is in the waiting. I think! In the meantime, my heart reveals more and more that needs to be refined. Materialism, self, impatience. I read in Oswald Chamber’s devotional that a hope that is not being fulfilled is being purified. I liked that.

    It will be fun to see where your dreams land you!

  32. We’re lucky enough to have a lovely little dream cottage to borrow in the summers. My parents, after years and years of hard work and lean times, are finally at a point where they bought a cabin within walking distance of Lake Tahoe. They bought it with all of us in mind and every summer we visit and play there. This year, I’m thinking of going for a month with the kids. It has no Internet and no working TV and we all love it! Thank you for reminding me how grateful I am to them for sharing it with us…

  33. Putting it out in the world is the first step to making it come true. Good luck!

  34. Anne-Marie Mitchell says

    Oh Nester, I LOVE your dream!!!! You CAN do it, just think back on all that you’ve accomplished thus far, and realize that your dream CAN be a reality!!!! You may not be able to find exactly the property you are looking for, but you CAN always BUILD exactly what you want!!! (My hubby and I build houses, so we see people’s dreams come true all the time!!!). Just find you a big plot of land and start designing your dream estate! You are a patient woman. (LoL). Like everything else, it happens in stages.

    One word of caution. Peacocks!!!! Beautiful creatures? YES. Loud, messy, love to sit on your car and scratch it up??? Oh YESSSS!!!! I love them and would own some in a hot second, but other people in my family have their own opinions. When we lived out in the country, our neighbor had a flock, but all the Peacocks and Peahens escaped after a big storm and took over the town for a few weeks!!! They roosted on shop roofs and picked fights with their reflections on cars, they’d sit in the middle of the road, stopping traffic or hang out in trees and poop on people walking under them. (That part was really funny!)

    Thanks for opening up to all of us!
    Anne-Marie (another “Gee, I wish I could be a successful blogger….” fan)

  35. We’re in the middle of a hazy dream too….after a few years of really horrible stuff. We wanted to build, but didn’t care for the planned neighborhoods and wanted to be closer into the city. We stumbled upon an old cape cod with an empty lot next to it where another home had burned down. Long story short, we bought the cape and land, are preparing to build on the lot, then will sell the cape to one of my daughters and her hubby and my first grandbaby. This daughter used to tell me, ‘Mom, when I grow up, I want to live next door to you and have lots of babies.” :)

    ‘Course everyone tells us we’re crazy for building a new home on a small city lot on a busy street. I say ‘whatev’. It’s my dream…..

  36. At this point, we’re still trying to pay off medical debt from Cullan’s surgeries. That makes everything hazy! :)

  37. I have a dream of having a house full of foster kids and orphans and never having to say “no” because we don’t have the room. My favorite part of the dream is a long dinner table full of faces who just need a safe place to land. Also the third picture is of a barn at a winery by my house that also has a beautiful old farm house on it. My husband and I often dream of owning… which is a pipe dream unless we win the lottery… that we don’t play. But we did take our Christmas card picture in front of said barn last year. I have no shame for beautiful things. Amen?!

  38. This week, someone told me they were praying that God would give me the desires of my heart. I took a long look, and realized I didn’t know what that would be. But I thought about it. I want a farm, with room for maybe a few chickens, a large garden. Space to spread out, acres and an old barn. I want to be a SAHM to at least 5 kiddos. I want all of this, while wanting my husband to only have to work 1 job, preferably at firefighting, which he loves. It isn’t a realistic dream. FF’s don’t get paid enough to afford all of that. I’m in a PhD program, not the “right” track for a SAHM. But my heart doesn’t seem to care about all of that. That’s my dream.

  39. wouldn’t it be great if a reader points you directly to the exact place you dream of? kinda like miracle on 34th street when she walks into the house and knows just where everything is already!

    • YES! that’s actually what I’m hoping for, so far we’ve already had one email about a place for sale, keep ’em coming!

  40. How exciting! I’m looking at buying a house for the first time in eight years, too. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you!

  41. Thanks for your bravery in sharing your dream! My husband and I have had a dream for several years to find a house with office space, gathering space, and in-law space. God answered in a way I didn’t expect, with a quick home sale that required two moves, two lost contracts on houses that fit all the needs, and recently, buying a home that means delaying the in-law space for a couple of years. Not the journey I had imagined, but it came with plenty of life lessons – the blessing of friends who took in our family of 6, trusting God for the long term (not just a sprint), and not requiring Him to act as I think He should (sounds laughable as I write that). The story is still unfolding, and I’m sure He’ll reveal more lessons as we gain perspective on these past few years. I can’t wait to hear what God does in your story, and I so appreciate your sharing it.

  42. My dream. . . well my old dream is where I’m currently sitting, typing this. My old dream was my 3300 square foot home in the country club. However, God has radically changed my heart. It all started with a mission trip to Guyana, and then to Uganda last year.

    My new dream? To live as a missionary here (like move into a $30,000 home kind of living ;))so I can give more for there (meaning Uganda). Since returning home I’ve started a ministry for women in Uganda (Margret’s Voice – you can “like” us on Facebook). The focus of this ministry is primarily for widows with AIDS. It’s purpose is to share the love of Christ by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. The goal? To have women be able to raise their children and not have to give them up for adoption b/c they can’t feed them. So women don’t have to prostitute themselves out to feed their children. A ministry that provides AIDS medications to mamas, so THEY can be the ones to watch their babies grow.

    Through all of this God has given me a new dream. . . you can read about it here http://ouradventurebook5.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-story-only-god-could-write.html

    The story will really bless your heart, for it’s a story only God Himself could write.

    We move in 2 weeks into our Bungalove. . . going from 3300 square feet to 1200. I have never been more excited in my life!! I’m so thankful!

    I love how you, your parents, and your sister all have the same dream. Very sweet. I also love how you’re going to use your dream to share your home with others!


  43. I love how everyone has a different dream!! I have the first part of my dream and that is a house big enough to have all my kids home without being too crowded. It needs a lot of TLC but the kitchen works, the bathrooms work and the heat and AC work. Later when they all have their own homes I hope that a room or two will be available to help people that need a roof over their heads for a short time just to get thru a tough time. That is my dream.

  44. What a wonderful dream!! I love it!! I happen to live in Upstate SC (just ~2.5 hrs from Charlotte) and we have lots of quaint homes for sale on rolling acreage. We are just in the foothills and there’s an ice rink less than 45 min away. We have a pretty wonderful community and you and your family would be so welcome here. So here’s you cordial invitation to move to SC! We’d love to have you! :) We might even find some white peacocks to let loose on your land… :)

    • aww, I went to high school in SC! but in Columbia, hot, sweaty, you know…I should look up ice rinks in SC just to see

  45. I love your dream! Thank you for sharing it. I lived the first 9 years of my life near-ish to Charlotte in Denver. I still have dear friends there. My dream also involves mountains and the country, but then we would have to leave our church which we love. Being able to minister to the misfits and friendless. I would like to have horses, and a garden, a big place for having friends and family over with a lake. Or on a rocky coast with lots of cliffs and chilly, salty air…somewhere that looks a lot like Scotland come to think of it. Just here and not in Scotland.

  46. Handy Mandy says

    Thanks for sharing. It’s inspires me to be more open about things. I struggle with being private and sharing things. I have the want to but the trust is not always there. I pray your dreams come true and even more than you imagine! XO

  47. What a beautiful dream! And if anyone deserves to have her dreams come true, it’s you. And why do I think you’re going to hear from every realtor in the state of N.C.?

  48. Thank you for the encouraging post today. We as a family are also looking to make our dream become a reality. For the last 18 years my husband and I have always wanted to live in the mountains somewhere. For the first time, my husband can work remotely from anywhere, and I can find a job (medical profession) almost anywhere as well. We have started looking at houses in Brevard, NC and will continue to look until we find one we like well enough to make that change. What I liked about your post is that is is SCARY. I have always wanted this, but at the same time am fearful of it. Nice to know that sometimes, you are not the only one that feels that way.

  49. Dreams are interesting things, aren’t they? No wonder you’re nervous to share!

    I like your dream. I think you’re wise to realize that part of your dream is to stay close to where you are now. In other words, you’re ALREADY living part of your dream; the next part is a spot to make the other parts work better. Isn’t it amazing that just a few years ago you were willing but sad to leave your home? But you did it, and you’ve been faithful, and now you’re in a position to look at the next step. With God’s help, you’ll be able to discern whether the trade-offs involved in the next step (because there are always trade-offs, of course) will be worth it.

    In my dream I come to your abiding place (that’s what I’m calling it in my head; it’s a family home but also a retreat center, and it’s gorgeous!) and do a little teaching about spiritual formation and pray for people. And while I’m there I get to stay up late into the night talking to you and Emily and we will eat and drink and exchange recipes and look at each other’s photos and swap stories and then we’ll fall to our knees together to give thanks for what God has done.

  50. Mmmm, dreams….I’ve always wanted to have a big ol’ spot of goodness to share on a lake or river or ocean! Hubbs would run the maintaining with his mad engineering skills, and I could cook. We’d invite tired missionaries, discouraged pastors families, worn out servants. We’d snuggle their babies and play with their kiddos while they spent time together. We’d nourish them, laundry and meals, so that they could get back to their ministry. We’d host and love them as a family, so our kids would also learn to have servant hearts for ministry.
    Selfish bonus–I’d get to decorate and live by the water! :)