I worried no one would come.

An hour and a half before the sale three brave, beautiful women set up their chairs so they could be first in line.

By 11am there were 100 people in line.  Forgive me for underestimating you.

And thank you for your immeasurable help: Katherine, Tracie, Reeve, Karrie (& Josh) Emily

My cute parents, the the map of children Angela’s family sponsors through Compassion (yes) and my compassion poster.

The facts:

It was supposed to be a 4 hour sale we sold out in 90 minutes.

We raised $500 for Compassion!

And even though we did it at a larger venue it still was entirely too small.

My house feels lighter.  I’m already gathering up more stuff I can get rid of.  And for our next sale, it will be pure housewares, no clothes, no books, no anything  else.  We know what you want.

Thanks especially to the fellas that came–the ones who helped with the sale–Dad, Reeve’s Dad, Josh, Weston–Angela’s husband, my husband (he had to leave for a funeral but helped so much the day before) and our three boys, and for the fellas that braved coming with the wives.  And to my mom for making lunch and coffee and serving us all.  And to Tia and Tracie for the clothes racks and the Huntersville Herald for featuring the story and I know I’m forgetting people.  Thank you!

For those of you who lived close enough to come (or who traveled! ATLANTA!) I hope this stuff will help create memories thank you for being a part of helping us clear out our homes, and using stuff for good!

Want to see more photos? Angela did a much better job documenting the sale, check out her post here.