Hosting Tips for Introverts Like Us

1. Create a coffee setup that doesn’t require your presence for guests to get coffee.

2. Grocery store flowers–better to get all the same type of flower (spend $12 and get 3 bunches) it will make a bigger impact than trying to mix all different varieties. You are not Farmgirl Flowers let them do their thing, you do yours.⠀

3. Invite a good conversationalist to your gathering. As a hosting introvert, you don’t want to have to feel responsible for carrying the conversation. I want to have enough energy to listen well, but I don’t want to feel like I need to entertain a quiet room. ⠀

4. Have a quiet room? That’s okay, as long as there’s music.⠀(here’s one of my playlists)

These things say “I thought about you and care for you” without you having to speak a work (yay introverts!)⠀

Yes I have a coffee ‘station’ no it’s not fancy.⠀

My coffee area needs to be easy on the eyes and functional but not styled beyond reason. I have to use this area when I’m half asleep people. And when I need more empty surfaces in my life (most of the time) the little bowls, napkins and spoons all have a home in the drawer.

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