Winter Branches & Leaves with Duct Tape

This is the easiest project ever.

You know those winter Christmas “picks” you can buy in the floral department?  Don’t buy them because you can make them.

And then you’ll want to put them everywhere.

All you need are some empty branches (I snapped off a few from our azalea bush, have I ever told you how much I hate azaleas, my apologies to azalea lovers everywhere I know you are going to tell me that I just don’t treat them right and it’s true, I don’t) Scotch Duct Tape in White and a sharp pair of scissors.

First cut a piece of tape and stick the sticky side to the end of one of your branches. Don’t be shy, tape a good part of it, that’s what holds it on.

Fold the tape over sticky to sticky, don’t worry about wrinkles, that’s what makes it look real.

Then fold it in half long ways.  You know how you folded paper in half in grade school to cut out a symmetrical heart shape?  That’s what you are doing only with a leaf shape.

Or you can start from the bottom and cut up to the top, that way works a little better.


Canvas:: Lindsay Letters

They look great stuck into greenery.

Even cascading down on the tree.

These are so much fun, I could find a place for a thousand, on the fireplace garland, tied to a present, on the wreath on the front door.  And you can make them lightning fast. My favorite kind of project! Don’t get caught up in making each individual leaf perfect, like most things, it’s about the impact as a whole.

duct tape, scotch, scotch duct tape

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  1. What a cool idea! I was at Home Depot and saw they had holiday printed duck tape. That might give it a fun kid vibe. :-) I took the easy way out and hung an evergreen wreath on the wall.

  2. Really cute! I love it!

  3. vibrating with excitement-must find white duct tape!!!!

  4. Love this!! This has been one of my favorite weeks here at Nesting Place. Your guest bedroom is looking great!(I’m guessing that’s where most of these pics were taken) Can’t wait to see it all. Also is that a new piece of furniture inside your front door? It all looks so beautiful.

    • yep, that’s the guest room with the big antlers, it’s all odds and ends but I love that! planning something fun for the walls in the new year!

  5. I love it! We are duct tape fiends in this house.

    I also hate azaleas — except I am Southern and I live in the South and I can’t say those words out loud. People look at me like I am saying something blasphemous. I am so glad to know there is someone else.

  6. I am dreaming of gilded leaves too….

    I just saw sheets of duct tape at a big box store! If you can make little leaves with rolls of duct tape, I bet you could make a rubber style tree with big leafy leaves with sheets!

  7. Alison Connors says

    Love the tall boots vase! Would like one for my home:)

  8. Where did you get that sexy gray cabinet? Did I miss the its glorious unveiling? I’ve reached a age where I find storage much more attractive than, say, the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun was when I was a teen! Priorities, you know.

    • I got it at Joss & Main, for the upstairs but it never made it past the front entry! It’s super thin and I’ve been using it for craft supplies since it’s right outside my office, if I see it go on sale again I’ll put it on facebook

  9. so easy and cute. love branches for this time of year!

  10. Okay-don’t throw rocks at me-but since I live in San Diego, I don’t think I have any “bare” bushes to snip branches off of! Hmmmm-I have this image of me completely embarrassing my children during carpool in my quest to find a naked shrub . . .

  11. You have sent me to Michaels every day this week! Cannot wait to try this one.

  12. FINALLY! A craft I LOVE that I think I can actually DO! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    If I can score those tall boots and fill them with these, my life will be complete!

  13. Melanie Miller says

    Nester, did ya know an easy way to clean your scissors after cutting a bunch of duct tape is with peanut butter? Yep, it’s true. We had duct tape crafts this summer at our family reunion and discovered this little nugget. (also, those rotary blades for cutting fabric are great for cutting duct tape!) Just rub a small amount of PB on each side of the scissors and it cleans up those sticky residues. Magically awesome!

  14. I love this so much!! I can see my house full of branches in no time!

  15. How creative!! You’ve always got such great (and easy) ideas. Funny coincidence, I’m actually giving away two rolls of designer duct tape on my blog this week. Come on over if you’d like a chance to win them to do more projects like this!

  16. This vignette is just perfect. Love everything about it. And your duct tape leaves add just the right amount of whimsy!

  17. Very creative! Love the look :-)

  18. Where, oh where did you get that large canvas of “Come Thou Fount?” I love it — its my favorite hymn.

  19. I LOVE this!

  20. That entire wall is amazing. The antlers, the lamp, the metal letter “S”, the glass jars, I love it all!

  21. I have no idea why this particular project struck a chord with me, but I just started giggling and thinking “That Nester is really brilliant!” You sure do exercise the creative part of your brain and it’s in good shape! I just loved these and I have silver duct tape left over from Halloween… I think you see where this is going! :)

  22. here’s how much i adore this project——i’ve already made them, added them to the fp garland and photographed them, along with my newly painted (coral/pink/sal-mon colored) mirror—-which got painted at 5:30 this morning, whilst i was still in my (very grandma-esque) pj’s. it was SO MUCH FUN!

    and i LOVED your comment. and ditto your sweetness right back to you.
    mwahhhhh and thank you for so many great ideas!

  23. What the what!?!?!? Coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Awesome.

  24. Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D says

    OOOh, love the “Peace Lily” look of them!
    Pinning…and doing!
    ~ Dana

  25. These would also make great additions to Christmas gifts~!

  26. Can we please talk about those baskets in the dresser and where they come from? That would work so wonderfully well for shelf clutter also.

  27. Saw these sweet NEST letters as I was doing some online Xmas shopping…immediately thought of you and your blog. They are on clearance to boot! :-) A faithful, inspired-by-you, Nester follower! Iris Happy Holidays!

  28. donna white says

    Wow! that vignette is so pretty…love! “i’m gonna try this at home”!!! LOL

  29. So, do you really like that or are you just trying to promote a certain brand duct tape? It’s okay with me either way, just wondering…

    • do I really like what? the duct tape leaves? YES! Like I said at the end, scotch brand sponsored this post– they are hiring bloggers to come up with ideas for their duct tape so I used their brand for the leaves and it worked great. The leaves are in the guest room right now! xo

  30. Whoa. That IS really easy and look so great! I love it! Finding lots of inspiration in your blog lately. Thanks Nester woman!

  31. I love the leaf idea, you are so creative! But I have to ask…I notice your gold/brown sofa is back in the room with the tree. Wasn’t your white sectional in there before or do you have two trees? Or are you moving couches around again? Inquiring minds want to know, haha!

    • OH you are SOOOOOO observant! Let me tell you, this Christmas tree has messed with the entire house, EVERYTHING in our home got moved. It is insane. And my husband is a saint. I’ll tell you about it all very soon.

  32. Love this project! How very creative…

  33. I love it. I think that is the easies decorating tip ever. I might have to try that.

  34. These are a great idea for any season! So simple..thanks for the tip!!

  35. great idea and I think I have some white duct tape~now I just need to find it =)

  36. VERY cute! I love how easy and cute they are!

  37. can’t believe that’ duct tape! they look so pretty!

  38. They look real!!!! How fun and cool , great idea :)

  39. Kelly Ledsinger says

    One of my favorite hymns ! I love all the different colors of duct tape and the endless possibilities for creating some thing lovely from very little …….

  40. That was worth reading. And I want those white rain boots when you’re done, please. Size 5 1/2. :)
    Keep up the good work.
    Cindy….. oh, and Merry Christmas!

  41. Love it! I’ve already started on mine!

  42. You could also use silver for the leaves, and btw love it! It is cute and creative!

  43. lovw this project! Can I ask where the grey console take is from?

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