This is the easiest project ever.

You know those winter Christmas “picks” you can buy in the floral department?  Don’t buy them because you can make them.

And then you’ll want to put them everywhere.

All you need are some empty branches (I snapped off a few from our azalea bush, have I ever told you how much I hate azaleas, my apologies to azalea lovers everywhere I know you are going to tell me that I just don’t treat them right and it’s true, I don’t) Scotch Duct Tape in White and a sharp pair of scissors.

First cut a piece of tape and stick the sticky side to the end of one of your branches. Don’t be shy, tape a good part of it, that’s what holds it on.

Fold the tape over sticky to sticky, don’t worry about wrinkles, that’s what makes it look real.

Then fold it in half long ways.  You know how you folded paper in half in grade school to cut out a symmetrical heart shape?  That’s what you are doing only with a leaf shape.

Or you can start from the bottom and cut up to the top, that way works a little better.


Canvas:: Lindsay Letters

They look great stuck into greenery.

Even cascading down on the tree.

These are so much fun, I could find a place for a thousand, on the fireplace garland, tied to a present, on the wreath on the front door.  And you can make them lightning fast. My favorite kind of project! Don’t get caught up in making each individual leaf perfect, like most things, it’s about the impact as a whole.

duct tape, scotch, scotch duct tape

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