When I saw these glitter stag head ornaments at Target I knew they could be used for more than just mere tree hanging.

I grabbed three stag head ornaments, and at Micheal’s found three wood plaque things–they had all shapes and sizes.  And then I painted the wood things in three of my favorite colors and hot glued the stag heads on.  I just cut the hanging string off but left the loop hanger, you don’t even see them. One head fell off when I dropped it (I always insist on dropping things) but some super glue secured him.

On the back I added my high tech hillbilly hanging system.

And oh my word, totally adorable!  If you are into mini glittered stag heads on fun painted wood.

Sometimes it’s fun to just add a little playfulness into your home, and for $5.50 each this was a super easy, fast, playful adding project.

And really the point of this post is to enjoy the ornament aisle and think creatively about how to use things.  I LOVE walking through the ornaments trying to figure out how I can use certain ornaments in my house year around.

Is there a Christmas ornament you’ve used year around in your home?


Still need to buy some Christmas gifts?  If you have some store credit at Joss & Main (or even if you don’t) there’s a curated gift collection from seven bloggers (including me).  The sale lasts until tomorrow and spoiler, I this is the first time Joss & Main has sold something from Napoleon Dynamite!  Wondering what in the world Joss & Main is?  I curated an entire sale for them a few months ago and explained how and why I shop there.

It’s Christmas Craft Week! Get your wonderful craft post ready to link up on Friday, the only rules?  It must apply to Christmas, needs to let others know how to make it (don’t just link to a finished beautiful project and then we all cry because we have no idea how to make it) and no linking to etsy shops or things like that.

I can’t let the tour be left out, she wants me to tell you to join in, and that your home doesn’t have to be perfectly decorated for Christmas to be beautiful and meaningful and magical!