The front room from yesterday is actually supposed to be a dining room.  Some fool thought putting a flight of stairs, foyer and back door and hall in between the dining room and kitchen was a really smart idea.  This fool knows that we don’t really “dine” anyway.  We just like to eat and I like it to look pretty so we’ve settled our fancy dining room table into the breakfast nook of our house and never looked back.  Until a few weeks ago…

Anyway, the point is, clearly, I moved the table. Just to see.  And when I say “I”, I mean my husband.  I have been using this big table as a desk in my office for years and I’ve always wondered about using it as an eating table. And have I told you that we have another magazine coming in January? That always motivates me to destroy every room in our house like a mad woman.  So I’ve got that in my head and wanted to give myself some time to decide if I like a different table in the dining area/breakfast nook thing.  You will say you don’t like it because it’s not all cutsi-fied and staged like these other photos, but I’ve been sick and the sun hasn’t been out and I have no staged photos of the white table so imagine it all cute and in better lighting and without those place mats.

Here’s the old table and how it’s looked through the years…

We’ve had good times at this table.  Remember, I painted it?

It fits nicely turned this way, but then it takes up a lot more room.  We don’t have room for my precious tertiary table back there.  And I really love my library table and want to keep it. And now that we’ve gotten rid of the homework table I need my surfaces, people.

But we just like to have a lot of room in front of the table to be ourselves.  There’s also a door on the left so it’s a walkway.  So I’m not selling it or anything, but just having fun and moving things around just to see.


I had that huge table/desk in my office.  And now that I don’t just have to work in the cracks, but Nesting Place can be, like, my real job and junk, I wanted to be a big girl about my office and not have it look like a cute hurricane blew through.  Part of me wondered if having a super huge desk was allowing me to create a super huge mess.  Plus part of me just likes change and thought it would be fun to switch things up. “Just to see.”

So just for fun (don’t judge, this actually is fun for me) I moved the table out of the office, and my son moved the parson’s desk from the bedroom down.  And I put it against the window and ahhhhh. Let’s live with this for a while and see how it works.

Now all the hopes and dreams of our big dining room table have come true as it sits in the mattress laden bonus room.  We moved it up there and I hoped it could be used for ping-pong for the time being, and it was.  Then two days later Caroline and her family of six came and we had the most wonderful, restful, fun time

With friends stopping by and kids everywhere…

And it was the best time EVER!  Whenever we have her family at our house, the house feels very happy and the men always cook for us. But then they left and I think I’ve had the flu and now my table is all forlorn and sitting up in a sea of mattresses and we have two Christmas gatherings I can’t wait to host and a magazine coming to shoot for Christmas in January and my. house. is. a. dis. ast. er.

We decided now would be a good time to bring a shedding evergreen into our home.

And hey, grab all those red and green bins and lets open them all and spread their insides around the foyer!

And five minutes later we are all exhausted and have a fever and the house looks like this in every room.

And that is what happens if you decide to move your desk. Lucky me, I don’t have a messy desk any more. Problem solved.