Our pre-Christmas Tree winterization has started. We do have our Christmas tree.  It’s been siting in a bucket in the driveway for four days because over half of us are sick at our house.  I think I’m the only blogger without my tree fully decorated and up for a week. But even without the tree up, our house still is starting to feel Christmasy, and not just because of all the wadded up Kleenex on the floor.

Since moving the white sofa to the front room I’ve purchase four things to help solidify the direction I’m moving.  A throw from World Market and faux feather pillow from Home Goods plus a little cowhide pillow from Metrolina helped warm up the front room.  And that birch tree?

He started out as an $8 thrift store, sad, almost leafless Ficus.  I heard a couple of women whispering about why anyone would buy this tree.  But I figured I could find some use for the branches. I paid my son to pull out all the stems with the pliers.

And then decided I liked it just like it was.

With some fur stuffed in the bottom.

Wondering about the lighted dots on the wall?  They come around in the late afternoon thanks to the disco ball in the window.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar:

Also, we have a winner for the DaySpring Christmas Giveaway with all the millions of prizes, I put the winner at the end of the post, click here to see if you won, I didn’t email the winner yet I thought it would help with the suspense!  And all the sales are good thru today!