Since my house is in chaos, my walls are in chaos too.  My husband is working on a project for me from Ashely’s book but, it’s not top on the list right now so my walls have turned into randomness. It’s been fun to put something up knowing it’s super temporary (isn’t everything?) and I realized it makes me be a little more risky knowing that I’m only gonna have something for a little while.  It’s kind of like peeling back another layer of perfection, why can’t I just have fun and play in my house and not feel like my walls always have to look just so?  It was kind of eye-opening for me.

So I’m playing more on my walls.  If you hate it, I’m ok with that.  I’m not trying to get you to like it, I’m trying to get me to like it, and have fun and learn about decorating and life and risk and walls are a great place to start. Nothing that I decorate with is forever, especially not on the walls.  Lighten up! Don’t be hatin’ it’s just wall art!

Also, I’m going to mention some of my favorite artists in this post and I’ve contacted them and they are giving you a discount code at the end, just in case you decide you must have something right now today. Because, you might.

When they shot that video at my house for my sister.  My walls were in transition plus, I didn’t want it to look like any certain season in the video so I had fun and added a little pink to the gallery wall on a whim.

I knew this painting was bothering me because it had yellow in it, so it was time for its year and a half-ly makeover.

Yes, I was and still am a little afraid it looks like throw up but I still would rather try something than just leave up a painting I am sick of. Can I get an ‘amen’?

It’s fun!  Two of my favorite artists’ work are featured on this wall, Dee from Red Letter Words with the black and white street sign canvas (she can do all colors and some other fonts but I’m still partial to black and white) and my Hershey is My Baby felted wreath.

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This wall is an ever-changing river of ideas.  It’s not done yet.  It hopefully will never be done. That would be sad.

That sea fan was purple when I found it at TJ Maxx a few years ago.  I spray painted it white.  And then a few months ago I hot glued it to a chalk board I got at a yard sale for $1 years ago.  It’s just one of those $8 chalkboards that every office store has.  I painted the frame and sconce the same color from a little pot of sample paint.   Glad I didn’t worry about ruining my $1 chalk board. And of course the big book page wreath is still going strong a year later.   Yippie for almost free art!

The great thing about making some almost free art for yourself is that instead of having 12 walls each with one lonely $24 Kirklands cloned, framed ‘art’ that everyone else has, you can have half your walls of handmade by YOU art and then, over time start collecting things for your walls that you really love from artists you admire.

Once  I saw how happy the pink made me in the family room, I decided to choose the color that made me nervous on my next piece.  Peach.  It’s peach and it’s glorious!  This is from Lindsay Letters and oh my does she EVER!  It’s my newest favorite thing in my house. I wanted a piece of her work for over a year now and it was worth the wait.  Lindsay is a hand-lettered artist and each letter has its own quirky personality.  You can’t tell how large it is because it’s next to my oversized ceramic boots (doesn’t everyone have a pair?) but this perfectly imperfect canvas is big and beautiful and charming.

*Code NEST10 for $10 off any Come Thou Fount canvas through December 2012

And since were are at the front door here’s what my office currently looks like.  It’s temporary as well.

But this is my favorite part, a little grouping of framed stuff,

  • It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done via Vapor.Qualquer
  • Watercolor by Moi
  • Mom is Love by Colette at Raw Art LetterPress*
  • Bird art torn from a bird book.

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I wrote this posts, and every post like it just to get you to think about what’s on your walls, not to try to convince you that you need to buy exactly what I buy  you can, I won’t be mad) but it’s not about changing what you buy, it’s about changing how you think.

Colette from Raw Art Letterpress made a new Christmas print for you to print out, frame, use as a card whatever.  Because we love you.  We want you to love your house.  And Colette is all shades of awesome she played off the Pantone colors::

Tender Shoots

Monaco Blue


Greyed Jade


click the color you want and then print!

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