I’m Having A Big Sale, Won’t You Come?

I feel like I’ve been purging for the past 3 years.

And I kind of have.

The more stuff you get rid of, the more stuff you see that you can live without.  And I want to have a purposeful home and really use and enjoy what it is that we use up our precious space keeping and living with.

But also, I’m a creative, I play in my house and I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that having a few things go in and out of my house through the years comes with my job. For the past year or so I’ve changed my thrift shopping ways.    But I’ve also embraced who I am and what I do and have realized it’s ok for me to sometimes buy something just to see.  It’s part of my creative process and it’s kind of part of my job.  Because if I can come up with a good idea and share it, then that’s one of my favorite things.  But it’s a constant balance.

For the past six months I’ve really been going through our stuff.  And you will not believe what I’ve come up with…

Our two younger boys tried sharing a room in the playroom but for reasons I’ll tell you later, we decided not to do that.  For months their old room was a holding area. It started like this and got so full that I could barely walk through it.  A real hoarders room–right before we moved everything to the garage two weeks ago, I had to CLIMB OVER STUFF!

I said I’d never have a yard sale again, and so far, I’m not.

I mentioned it last week, Angela and I are having a Big Sale.  It’s no yard sale with used up kitchen utensils and T-shirts and 1980’s TVs.  Nope, we’ve both decide we’ve got a lot of decent stuff that still has life in it and some of it we are done with.

We are selling the good stuff people.

I’m selling my Amy Butler rug from my office.  It’s been out of there since April but I wanted to make sure I was really done with it.  Also done with the embellished drapes on either side of the door.  I’ll be selling those too.

We are changing how we use this room now that we have a dedicated guest room.  So all of the stuff on the bed is being sold, and the chevron rug and the two Dwell Studio pieces of fabric from the windows.

I have a little bit of a pillow issue. Here are some of the pillows I’m selling.   Some of these are brand new and came with my new sofa but I know I won’t use them.  I’ll be selling them for $2-12 depending on how nice and new they are.  For example those Pottery Barn Dog pillows are $5 each.

You know when you go to a thrift store and you hope to find that ONE GOOD thing?  Everything we are selling is that ONE GOOD thing you hope to find.  We decided to price like our local thrift stores price their good stuff, kind of between thrift store and fair consignment store prices (not the ones that are too expensive).

I’m selling my imperfectly painted bed. And another bed you’ve never seen. And the pillows in this room and the throw.  Two desks, lamps, cute clothes, cute shoes, jewelery, serving dishes, fabric, tchotchkes galore, craft supplies…  All sorts of great stuff.  Oh, one of the pairs of shoes I’m selling is in this picture, Michael Kors like new wedge heel loafers size 8.  I got them second-hand but they were a size too big. I was hoping I could make them work but nope.  Someone’s with size 8 feet is gonna get lucky.

Done with that homework table over there on the right.  Selling that.

I LOVE this coffee table.  Love.  BUT, now that we have the white sectional in this room, there isn’t really space for it.  I already got a new old crusty trunk for a replacement table and it’s about 1/3 the size.  So now, someone else can use this great table because I’m selling it. And I’m selling the blue side table/night stand on the right, I just painted it with Chalk Paint in a new color called Florence, it’s lovely but I don’t want that much color in this room and it looks so pretty that color that I don’t have the heart to repaint it.  I’m selling all those pillows too.

You could basically furnish a small house with the stuff that Angela and I will be getting rid of.  Here’s her post about some of the things she’s selling.  I want all of it already. But I’m not allowing myself to look too closely at what she’s selling or else it defeats my whole purpose.

We rented an indoor space and we are hoping to sell our cute stuff that we no longer need.  A portion of our sales will go to Compassion and I’ll be throwing the rest of what I make at our debt.  Our goal is to be debt free by the end of the year.  I hope you can come. I hope you find something for your home that you can use.

Remember the last yard sale I  had?

Emily and I stood in one place for two hours just running the ‘register’, and when I say register I mean dollar store calculator and a baggie of dollar bills.  We were SHOCKED at how many people came, and from how far–Virginia? DC? Tennessee? All to humble North Carolina?

Well if it was worth it then? THIS sale should be even more worth it. Because we are selling much better stuff. I promise, this is the best stuff I’ve ever sold.  AND, you don’t have to wake up early. This is an indoor sale from 11-3.

I’m so done with this stuff. Well, not the vacuum. I mean, I’d love to be done with that but then if I sell it our floors will be a mess.   Yes, that’s an owl lamp back there.  I’ll be selling a pair of those.  Imagine this closet times 50, and that’s what I’m getting rid of.  Half of my garage is full already and I’m not done yet.

Make it a girls day, come to the Big Sale, go to Ikea (just 20 minutes from the sale) and visit BeBe Gallini and also the Oak Street Mill (they share a parking lot in Cornelius, NC) and eat at Toast in Davidson or the Soda Shop and stop in at The Sanctuary (all on the same street in Davidson) while you are ’round these parts.  Or go to downtown Charlotte to my favorite shop for second-hand finds: The Sleepy Poet.  You can thank me later for that one.

I hope to see you Saturday the 17th 11-3

Wynfield Forest Clubhouse

15722 Wynfield Creek Parkway
Huntersville, NC 28078
Don’t forget, Angela and I have something two weekends in a row in November.  November 10th is the Marketplace (held just a few stores down from Bebe Gallini), so hopefully you can make it to one of these two weekends, the marketplace is all handmade raising money for the Kilgoris project in Kenya!
Will we see you in November?


  1. I’d love to be there…of course, Cali to NC may be a bit of a stretch. And then there’s the motto my daughter and I’ve adopted for this new season.
    Don’t spend money we don’t have
    On things we don’t need,
    To impress people who don’t care.
    coupled with my Nana’s motto from the great depression:
    Use it up.
    Wear it out.
    Make it do,
    or do without.
    Guess we better stay away from all those so-o-o-o tempting garage sales and thrift stores for the nonce. Happy Garage Sale though. xoxo e

  2. Lending my voice to request some eBaying! I love the two white lamps with tan drum shades that you have in the bedroom…. (beg, beg, beg….)

  3. oh my how I’d LOVE to come. I’m not as far as Cali but not sure I can justify an 8 hour trip….unless you can put me up for the weekend.;-)

  4. There are a lot of us from California, aren’t there?!
    It would be a fun road trip :D

  5. I die.

  6. I wish! My mom and I love your style and all of those fun decorations. Unfortunately, we can’t drive from Texas to North Carolina for this amazing sale. We will be thinking of you! God bless!

  7. Another Cally girl who would love to come to your sale. Adore your site. Love the chevron rug and bedding in your “guest” room. Can’t justify the road trip though. So sad! Have a great sale!

  8. Did you ever sell your big terrarium from SAMs or still have that?

  9. Oh, yay, I’m an NC girl & I’m marking it down om my calendar…I SO hope to come! But I’m not sure I should even buy anything…this post has me inspired to see what I can cull from our own home…you are exactly right, it is totally all about balance! For me it is finding a balance between sentimentality (like using the same serving dish for mashed potatoes every year) & usefulness (like deciding that I can part with something that is “really cute” but I just don’t ever use it.) I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I still really hope to come!

  10. Arg!! I do hair and until recently I worked in Birkdale (which would of made it so easy to shop then hop on over to work!!) but with my business booked out 6+ weeks this will be hard. Any chance to buy and pay but p/u later that day or on Sunday??

  11. I’m so bummed I could cry! :) I live WAY too far away to come. That looks like the best Big Sale ever! I wish you the best of luck! (boo hoo hoo hoo)

  12. Doing a happy dance! I am just a little over an hour from there and my house is begging for a little loveliness like this.. I will be there!

  13. If I didn’t live in Northern Ireland, I would SO be coming to buy that homework table!! lol
    Good luck with your sale, it has given me a great idea of hiring an indoor space to do something similar with friends!
    Gillian xx

  14. I am waffling between wanting to come and shop your sale and all the other fun places you mentioned AND being brave enough to let all my good stuff go like you. Why am I holding on to this good stuff?

  15. Considering, I finally followed your advice and chose a paint color–and redid my floors and cabinets, I think I can swing the 15 minute drive to come get some cool Nester stuff!

  16. What a shame. So far away! Just those dog pillows make me drool! I’m glad you are decluttering, it’s very liberating!

  17. Im in Dallas, TX, so I’m bummed I can’t make the Big Sale!! I’m painting our office and I LOVE the wall colors of your office and your front living room! What color/maker are they? Thanks!!

  18. How exciting! I will be thrilled to me you…and shop! I didn’t know your location til today! I grew up in Conover! Now live in SC but will be in Charlotte that weekend so I plan on swinging by with my mom! Yay!

  19. Ohhh, I’d so like to come! I keep looking through the photos and thinking, “those pillows are just what I’ve been looking for to go on our sofa!” or “those lamps are so fun! hmmmm.. how can I make this work??” It’s “only” a five hour drive..!! :)

  20. can I bribe you to let me in at 10:30? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

  21. Thanks for the information about your sale. I wanted to ask you what is the size and color of the bedding from your guest room as well as the size of the painted bed you will be selling.

  22. I really wish NC was closer to CT. I have friends there I haven’t visited, but health doesn’t let me travel. BTW I’m size 8 and love wedge loafers :-). IF you ladies have leftovers, would you consider posting and selling? I asked Angela if she’d ship before I thought of the leftovers posting idea. I put on my blog I got a set of 1979 encyclopedias with the thought of selling them (FOR THE COST OF POSTAGE) to crafters who would use them in stuff like you’ve made. Thoughts? cost of item + shipping? BTW, I have bags, we’re talking big black garbage bags full to go to Goodwill, so we’re doing the same thing. But replacing a lamp that’s shot or shoes I could use, not cluttering. :-)

  23. Boy, I sure do wish I could come (and a trip to NC would be fabulous) but it is just a little too far from south Florida! I would also buy from E-Bay or Craigslist – or I would even buy just from your site. Guess we will have to wait and see what is left over huh? Just keep all of us that live too far away in mind, please!
    Hugs –

  24. I am impressed with all the stuff you are selling. You will be doing less “shopping the house” but I am sure the freedom of space will be well worth it.

  25. Aww can’t afford coming there from Melbourne Australia !! :( I sooo wish right now that I could!! I love your blog and have been following that so much! have inspired me in so many ways :)

  26. Lisa Cooper says

    I am really in love with the rugs shown in your photos. Are they for sale? Do you have an idea of the price you will be asking for them? I live in Greensboro (1 1/2 hours away) and will happy to come if I can get an idea of cost and number of rugs available. Thanks!

  27. Wish I could come. We happen to be moving to your area as soon as our house in Missouri sells! :-)
    I have that same vacuum cleaner. I bought it because it’s pretty. Ha Turns out it works pretty well, too. ;-)

  28. I SO need to do this!!! Good for you…..we all need less stuff in our life. It’s the “organizing” it all to get sold that stops me!! Good luck!

  29. Would you consider a early preview to me and my BFF? We are starting a blog and would love the opportunity to make quite a large purchase. Please email me if you are open to the idea. Thanks, Krisie

  30. I seriously looked up how far of a drive it is from Norfolk, VA to your place – 5.5 hours. I’d even consider it – talk my hubby into a weekend trip with the baby if we didn’t have another commitment that weekend!

  31. I am sooooo excited! I’m traveling home to Charlotte for Thanksgiving and I will be able to make it. Hooray!

  32. I have been following you and had no idea we were from the same town! Hope to make it tomorrow! Looks like I could get in a lot of trouble. :D

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