I realize photos of our yard sale don’t have much to do with making your nest less messy.  But, it has everything to do with making my nest less messy.  It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people.  Women came from Myrtle Beach, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, some drove 8 hours?!  I hope it was worth it for them.  Every time I get to meet some of the women who hang out at the Nest, I want to be BFFs with them all.  The yard sale was a huge success.  Thank you all so much for coming and asking about it.  Here are a few more photos…

Scooper, Emily, Lily, Nester

And, I ended up not using the money I made for a new bed.  I decided to paint our bed and see how we liked it. I’m currently working on the worlds least expensive master bedroom makeover. I love a good challenge.

Here are my tips on how to have a yard sale.

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