Bebe Gallini’s

Sometimes a place is so inspiring that words become meaningless…

Bebe Gallini’s  is like a local, ever changing Anthropologie meets shabby chic furniture shop.  It’s got home decor, furniture, gifts, art, jewelry, candles, soaps and a few clothes.  Why, WHY did it take me so long to finally go into this shop?  My friend Angela has been telling me about it for ages and one of the shop owners, Carole May and I have emailed before and finally, Angela put me in her vehicle and drove me directly to Bebe Gallini’s.  Thank you Angela.  I am forever indebted.  And Carole is wonderfully warm, fun and super approachable, you will adore her.

You just want to BE in the shop.  You want to soak it all in, and it feels wonderful to see all the unique items. I want my house to be like that.  I want to feel like I’m surrounded by beauty, creativity and meaning.

If you are ever near Charlotte promise yourself you will go up and visit Bebe Gallini’s.  All of those dressers and tables and case goods were imperfectly perfected by co-owner Beth Phillips~and the prices are really reasonable.  I wish I had a place for that cabinet up there. And, Bebe is a retailer of Happy Chair. I’ve talked about Happy Chair a few times before.  You NEED to see these works of art in person.  I think I might have a goal to one day own a Happy Chair.  It’s kind of my equivalent to a Monet.  And Bebe Gallini’s is kind of like the museum but, it’s a museum only in it’s curation of amazing works of art, art that you can sit on, purchase and take home, and live with and they get better with age.


I forgot how invigorating it is to be surrounded by inspiring ideas.  Whether you have bags of cash to spend or are on a tight budget, it’s worth it to walk around in spaces that stir your creative juices.

I spent about $7 on a couple sheets of map paper and wrapped them on some canvases.

Oh, and about that name…Bebe Gallini…

Remember that episode of The Brady Bunch?

Maybe I’ll see you at Bebe Gallini’s soon~and if you are too far away to visit, check out some of your own local shops, I bet you won’t be disappointed.



  1. Fun Eye Candy!! Thanks for sharing your photos…and you’re funny about the map paper:)

  2. Do you think Carole & Beth would mind if I moved in???
    And I knew I’d heard that word before!!! I love that episode…especially how Mike keeps giving her those “are you serious?” looks all the time…;)

  3. You are so right . . . it’s just like a museum!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. I have to go check their site out now. Like I need even more {!}

  4. I just found this store as well. It is next to my workout studio (KadiFit) and I was in LOVE the moment I walked in the room. Like you said .. you just want to be in that store. And it doesn’t hurt the cupcake shop is right next door.

  5. i think someone would have to hold me down.

    what a magical place.

    i couldn’t agree more about soaking up inspiration. people & shops like this are so rare. i want to be surrounded by this kind of beauty all the time.

    thanks for sharing such a treasured place.

  6. Just FYI…Happy Chair will have a new blog up and running effective May 1st so please check it out at You won’t be disappointed! We all need at least one happy chair in our home, dont you think? Would love to get to Charlotte and visit Bebe Gallini’s as well…thanks for a fun post

  7. Awesome! I’ll put this on my list of things to do when in Charlotte. Nascar Hall of Fame, Hobby Lobby, Goodwill Outlet and now Bebe Gallini’s!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

    • Anonymous says

      Hi..I went to Bebe’s today…I met one of the owners. I jus love love love Bebe’s…she said there was a good turn out yesterday! I live about 30 minutes away..kind of wish I lived 15 minutes away as I would be in there weekly….the old mill store is a cool place as well!

  8. Total eye-candy for sure! Love those Happy Chair’s. Wish I was closer to Charlotte, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  9. I knew I loved you for a reason! I used to live in Charlotte but moved back to Nebraska to get married. As an ode to the Queen City, I named my daughter Charlotte.
    PS – Gosh, do I miss the Metrolina!

  10. So yeah…Im gonna need all of that. Lets see if I can make that happen!

  11. LOVE this store! If a Starbucks moved in next door, I would never leave.

  12. I love, love, love the Happy Chair!! Deanna –

  13. I can’t tell you how much I love this store!!! When we met and I showed her my chairs and my passion she just got it! I create pieces that I love and care about and they fit perfectly in bebe’s! so glad to have such a wonderful friend and place to share my pieces with!!!

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