Maybe no one will notice?

I sat down and heard a large crack.  The next time I sat in it the back leg broke off.

Not bad for a $12 thrift store chair that we slipcovered and used for two years.  Last year I begged my husband to put some vintage casters on the chair, turns out drilling a hole in the legs really weekend the wood.  So it’s been rigged up with some random parts for a year even with a cracked leg. I may try one last-ditch effort to save it and remove all the wood  and see if we can put in new feet.

So our sofa is falling apart, the chair just fell apart, my husband’s $20 green leather thrift store chair is ripped in 3 places.  Oh my word my entire family room is decomposing before my very eyes.  STOP IT!

But it still looks ok for photos, can I get an amen? As long as you don’t sit on anything, you are fine.  This is not good, I like the way this all is, I don’t feel like change, I don’t want to think about anything different. Ugh!

In other news…Haven 2012…are you going?  Angela and I leave in 6 hours and I am so excited.  A little sleep deprived since I was home alone last night and at 4:00 am heard something fall in my house and the dog and I have been up ever since.  Currently it’s 5:30 and I’m sitting on the sofa with my phone and a baseball bat.  You know, in case the burglar/killer/thing falling off the wall decides to pitch a ball at me.

Anyway, if you are going to Haven, please come say hi to me?  I’ll be the one sweating and laughing really awkwardly and loudly in a corner.

PS, I have a new post up at incourage :: The Easiest Wall Art in the World . Complete with a link to a new board on Pinterest.