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Don’t forget, this Saturday, over 20 cities are having an I love thrifting meet up at local thrift shops. Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s blog for the list of cities. Rashon {Mr. Goodwill Hunting} and I will be hanging out at the Charlotte meetup at one of the downtown Habitat for Humanity ReStores at 1133 North Wendover Road, Charlotte at 10am~make sure you go to the WENDOVER one! You don’t have to have a cute I heart thrifting shirt to attend, just come hang out and shop with us!

We’ll be tweeting the event along with all the other thrifters so make sure you follow the hashtag #ilovethrifting you can find out more information here at Rashon’s blog.

And just to get us in the thrifting mood, here’s my latest find.  A parson’s desk for $25. I’m not sure I’m keeping it on this wall but it’s sitting there for now.

It looks identical to this $299 desk from West Elm….

But, the only downfall was a bunch of teenage permanent marker writing.  I got most of it off after I took this photo and then sacrificed having the drawers on the front so I could hide the slight discoloration in the back corner.

Hope to see you Saturday!

More photos of the desk here, & it was pinned on the West Elm “spotted” pin board!


  1. The best bestest way to get permanent marker off of almost everything is to write over it with a dry erase marker. You can use the marker to kind of scrub at it. But it takes very little time at all .. unless the marker has soaked in .. then it takes a bit more. don’t you love it when you can buy / find things at 10% of “designer” price :)

    • darn it! I wish I would have known that, note to self, next time ask on twitter!

      • as a mother of three beautiful wall artists, I speak from experience when I say that the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (plus a little elbow grease) will take permanent marker out right away!

    • What great idea!! I’ve got a desk that has marker stains to remove as well! {Does that work for getting dried boogers off the back of a kids headboard as well?…just askin’.} :)

      Love the desk Nester!

  2. OMG, I love it. Great score. I use Zout for all stains give it a try.

  3. My 2 year old got her hands on a Sharpie and added “personality” to our coffee table. I tried everything to get it off…and was completely surprised that a simple BABY WIPE took it off without ruining the finish!!!! Rubbing Alcohol will take it off too, but be careful, I am not sure if it would ruin the finish or not.

  4. Your blog!! So inspiring! I have been a reader for a long time now… you have such a gift!!!

  5. I think the address for the Wendover store is 1133…you have a typo.
    Will see you at the Charlotte location on Saturday!

  6. Ahhh..I would love to attend, but won’t be able to. Charlotte is a good 2 1/2 hours away from me. :( Those thrifting shirts are pretty cute though!

  7. This sounds super fun! Too bad there’s not one in Chicago. Womp, womp.

  8. I got a Parsons table at at thrift store too! Wrote about it here. Love the lines!! Love the thrifting emphasis!!

  9. Julianna says

    Goop or Goof Off claims to remove permanent marker, too. Can’t remember which it’s called…..

  10. Nester, how I would love to meet you in all your pouff loving, tasseling, mistreatment wonderful ways! Alas, I am a wee bit far north in the vast Canadian country. Perhaps a road trip is in order? I think you’ll just need to remain my imaginary bff, tasseling, junk buddy instead. Did you realize that you have a Canadian tasseling buddy? Well, you do =P Ok, I’ve never made a tassel, but in my imaginary Nester world, I’m a tasseling fiend!

  11. Fantastic works miracles. I use to always drop my highlighter on my sweats when I was studying in college and I would spray it with Fantastic and voila it was gone. Do not use the lemon scent, just the original.

  12. What a great find! It looks perfect in that spot and it looks like it took quite a bit of elbow grease to remove that graffiti. :) I would love to participate in this event but I’m not in one of the bigger cities…maybe I’ll at least do a solo trip to Goodwill!

  13. An old teacher trick is to use hairspray on permanent marker. Works on clothing too. Your parsons table looks great!

  14. you could try simple green also. it saved a kid’s table i purchased after mrs meyers and magic eraser gave up. : )

  15. I was a chemistry major and a pharmaceutical research biologist for many years. What gets off permanent marker? Alcohol. Plain and simple. Some products mentioned above get it out, but the key ingredient in most of these is… alcohol. We used ethyl alcohol (the type that people drink – though you do NOT want to drink lab alcohol) in the lab to remove hand written labels on petri dishes and test tubes. Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol works too. I skip the hairspray and reach for the alcohol. Even for clothing. Just a tip for future marker mishaps!

    • Thanks Kristi for the tip! I knew about alcohol to remove from hard surfaces but not clothing! That will save a shirt or two around here ;)

  16. if i didn’t have a wedding this weekend i would be all over this!!! have so much fun!

  17. Maybe someone has already offered this one, but here’s my tip for removing sharpie: write over it with a dry-erase marker, and it usually comes right off with a dry paper towel. The solvents in the dry-erase markers are powerful things. I use Sharpies to label mason jars, and then a dry-erase marker to take it off when I’m ready to change it up.

    Have fun thrifting!

  18. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  19. I have been drooling over those parsons tables for a while now! You have the gift of thrift, I tell ya!
    Here’s another idea for the marker… Magic Eraser sponges. I’ve gotten perm. marker off of many a thing with one of those, although, if you don’t wear gloves, your hands get burned. Kinda scary! I also agree with Kristi above, alchohol always seems to do the trick.

    Bless your Nest!

  20. DOH! I just looked more closely at the pic of the desk top and see that you were already employing the Magic Eraser. Haha, call me Miss Perceptive!

  21. Jerri C. says

    You MUST use KRUD KUTTER. It is a handy man’s go to. I had a bottle left here from our painter and it just removed permanent marker that has been on my desk for years. I LOVE it.

  22. Talked my friend into giving up the amusement park to come thrifting with you! See you saturday!

  23. Hand santizer seems to work better than straight rubbing alcohol, magic eraser, hair spray or other secret tricks. Atleast it did for black permanent marker on our tile, carpet, grout, toilet, sink, wood cabinets, clothing and two year old daughter’s skin. (Darn those early risers.)

  24. Anonymous says


    Make a paste out of baking soda and water.
    Baking soda can remove scuff markers on linoleum floors, burnt food from pots, yuck from your stainless steel appliances, permanent marker from the plastic cover of a binder — and much more.


    We use baking soda as a scouring powder instead of chemicals in our home.

  25. i wish i lived in charlotte, i wish i lived in charlotte, waaaahhh

  26. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and getting my thrift on!!

  27. Shaklee’s Scour off can get perminate marker off of your table- love this product just for that reason, it also won’t scratch the surface & its all natural! Hope you can get it off- that table is beautiful!

  28. …well i have to offer my soulution too…try using a wet dryer sheet (like bounce…not an actual wet sheet!)…they usually clean everything…

  29. I hope you had fun today, wish I could have come!!

  30. Just looked in Sunday’s paper and the World Market ad has a desk just like it! $179.99. I’d say you got the best deal though!

  31. It didn’t look so bad anyway – a bit of urban teenage classics :)

  32. so where are the white bookshelves from in the pic??

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