How to Monday


Happy Monday!

Aren’t Mondays the best and also worst? Often they come too quickly, and sometimes, because I love my work, I really look forward to Monday. After Sundaying it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

Long ago I learned a Monday hack that I’ve continued to use.

NEVER schedule anything on a Monday.

No phone conference.

No hair appointments.

No coffee dates.

No course launch.

No ortho appointments for the boys.

No big grocery store shopping.

No thrifting (this is a Friday activity, duh)


As an INTJ/5w4 having an appointment on Monday absolutely ruins my Sunday, but mostly as a human, Monday represents my entire week and I want to jump in a get a few things done the way I need to do them without my schedule being the boss of me. In some ways Monday is the most powerful day when it comes to my work so I want to protect it the best I can.

Mondaying with you,



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