Monograms & Happy Accidents

After showing a photo from our room with this monogram I got emails, comments, tweets, and facebook messages asking where in the world I got my monogram.  I mentioned it at the end of April, Southern Nest a new sponsor here at Nesting Place.  A few months ago I was searching around on Etsy for local shops and I stumbled on these lovely wood monograms.

And then I bought one and asked/begged Courtney, the shop owner to advertise at Nesting Place which is something I rarely do.  I think it’s been years since I’ve taken the time to court a potential advertiser, I’ve been so lucky here at Nesting Place to have a group of lovely advertisers that stay with me for a long time so I haven’t needed to reach out to anyone but I just had to make room for Southern Nest.  I was immediately emotionally attached to these monograms and I knew you would be too.  You and I, we have great taste.

Courtney and I live close enough to shop at the same grocery store and she’s absolutely adorable. I snapped this picture when she delivered my monogram.  They come primed and ready for paint, which is the fun part.

First I painted my monogram white.

Then I painted it blue.

Then Courtney gave me a big huge monogram and I knew exactly where I should put it.  I’ve had a big empty canvas in our room for months.  I painted that canvas months ago, just for a background but couldn’t figure out what to put on it.

So I grabbed my big wood monogram and took it outside in the backyard and spray painted it gray.  Then I went in my house and forgot about it. I forgot about it until the next day.  And it sat out over night.  And it RAINED.  And the next morning I suddenly remembered my monogram sitting out in the wet and I ran and grabbed it and it was SO WARPED with bubbling parts.  I immediately grabbed my sandpaper hoping I could sand it all smooth and start fresh and then something pretty happened…

I really like how those warped bubbles looked when I sanded some of the paint off.

I love it when things like that happen.  It’s more common than we think–when something seems ruined but wait–it’s not.  I wrote an entire month-long series about that type of thing called 31 Days of Lovely Limitations.  It’s one of my favorite decorating phenomenon.

So, that’s the scoop on my monogram, it’s from Southern Nest and over there on the right side of the blog are little buttons and links to all the Nesting Place advertisers.  The monogram is going to be my new go to wedding gift for people. I simply hot glued it to the canvas and the great thing is, you can pop it off and use it somewhere else if you want.

PS, just got an email from Caroline, Nesting Place has an ad spot available find out more here.


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  1. I hate when you ask someone a question on their blog and they never answer. It’s so rude.

    • I have over 148,000 comments on posts over 6 years, so keeping up with a year old post simply isn’t possible. So sorry I wasn’t able to help. Every day my most recent comments pop up so I can catch some of them, let me look back and see what I can do.

    • I think the answer to your question is…. Hot Glue! xo

      Sorry I came across as rude, I simply missed the questions!

    • Tiffany, I believe the only rude person in this interchange was you. It seems an apology would be just the thing.

      • I agree , Tiffany should apologize . Don’t assume the worst. I’m sure it can be busy hard to keep up with all those post.

  2. Madeleine says

    Could you tell me the shade of gray that your walls are painted? :-) Thanks!

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