18 Summers

My youngest, the speed reader and hockey goalie has 9 more summers around here. We are half done.

My adventurous outdoorsman only has eight summers left in the confines of our home.

And after five more summers this scuba loving fella will be off to college.

May this summer be slow and full of wonder.  Spend it wisely.


  1. Love how you state that! This is my daughters first “real” summer, since she just started a part-time pre-school this year. Your post is a reminder to live every minute with my sweet girls to the fullest!! I am so lucky to be home with them and share their adventures, excitement and wonder!

  2. Wow – I thought I was going to see a cool lamp or something and ending up crying my eyes out. Excellent reminder … I’m afraid to count them because it won’t seem like nearly enough.

  3. Oh my goodness! When I think of it that way it really hits me that time is just flying on by! My kids have 8, 10, and 12 summers to go which doesn’t seem too bad, I guess. However, my 15 year wedding anniversary is around the corner and that has FLOWN by! It’s all such an amazing blessing that we have such precious time with our children. :)

  4. I have 5 more summers with my oldest, too. Yeah, it puts things into perspective.

  5. i just got one back from college for the summer but it is never the same, he wishes he was back in his own apartment! thanks son! enjoy the long lazy days!! they are not so long!

  6. My son didn’t come home from college this summer. He has his own apartment, job, friends, the whole thing. I am so happy he has all those things. I am so sad he is not here. I miss him terribly. But I am afraid he had to grow up, as much as I didn’t want it to happen. Why can’t they stay little?!!
    Thanks for a great post, and a reminder to savor the moments.

  7. Michelle says

    You made me cry! Hoping this summer is slow and wonder ‘tull’ too.

  8. I count their summers left with me at home, too. I feel a little panicked to make more summer fun memories before they are gone. My oldest also has 5 summers and then the girl has 7 summers left. Where does the time go?

  9. Kimberly says

    I have a sinus headache today, so does my husband. I wanted the noise to stop until I read this and the truth is I NEEDED it. Thank you for helping me enjoy what is important while I have it!

  10. Hey, I just want you to know that I love your blog. Reading your blog posts always make my day! Love you!

    Every time I think of you I thank God for you. (Phil. 1:3)

  11. What handsome young men. I know that’s something embarrassing that we old chicks say. But they are! I love the little snippets about their interests and it sounds like they are each their own person.

    As a hockey junkie I am glad to see a goalie in the bunch! Hope you all get out to watch the Checkers play! Let’s Go Checkers!

  12. As we were just finalizing our summer plans this past week I stopped to count the number of summers left for my oldest. At first I was relieved there are still as many as there are, but then sad when I knew they were more than half over. It goes so fast and summer is the perfect time to embrace the good life with the kids! Janell

  13. I have mine home from college this summer. Days, please go slow!

  14. Laurie Filla says

    Love them all but really like the Serenity Damask! Would love to stencil a large outdoor or sisal rug with this pattern!

  15. In the economy of this era, our kids should probably stay with us longer than “usual” so that they can save money during college summers while they work. Also, I know many college grads who are back home with mom and dad b/c of the lack of jobs and the lack of well-paying jobs. Maybe you don’t need to worry so much about being an empty nester, Nester. :)

  16. Ha ha! After 24 and 21 summers my kids still live at home and I’m not complaining. We are fortunate enough to live close to the University of Florida where they attend school. I know the days are getting shorter and soon they will be gone. It’s been a great life and the future holds much promise.

  17. I love this! It hit the spot for me. Part of me says, “Oh so little time.” The other part says, “13 more summers till mine are out!” I’m raising them to leave.

  18. What a precious post. Made me think of how many summers my kiddies have left….

  19. This post made me all teary, time goes so quickly x

  20. Wow…I’ve never looked at it like that before. I think in years, but not summers! We have them for so short a time don’t we? I’ve been blessed to homeschool my four boys so I’ve really enjoyed them all school year long ;) I treasure this time with them.

  21. OMG…talk about hitting home! Thank you for this post…it means so much to me. As a divorced mother of two children, my 11 yo and 9 yo spend the entire summer with their Dad (he is in the military). I don’t have the opportunity to spend slow summers with them. It just makes me realize that I need to learn to cherish the time that we do spend together throughout the year. THANK YOU for making me realize that I need to slow down too!

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