What Do You Look for in a Rental Home?

From the Nesting Place mail bag::

We just bought a second home and are in the midst of fixing up our current home to rent.

We will be replacing kitchen cabinets, painting the interior and exterior. and replacing the carpet in addition to some minor touch ups and repairs.  My question for you is, as a renter, what do you look for/what is most important to you?  Do you view a rental property differently than one you would consider purchasing? Neutral paint and carpet?  Storage? – We have a couple of outdoor storage units I would like to leave with the house and some shelves in the bathrooms I would like to leave for future tenants.  Does it matter if all the appliances match?  What would be an incentive for you – garbage service included, a discount for paying on time as opposed to a late fee, etc.  What would be a deal breaker?

What great questions.  Yes, I do look for different things in a rental than in a home we are considering buying.  In some ways I’m more forgiving of a home we’d own because I know we can change things~sometimes we purposely look for a home we can fix up.

I also love the idea of getting a discount for paying on time instead of the usual punishment for paying late~the money exchange could still be the same, it just feels different.

What about you?  Do you have pressing answers to any of those questions?



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