I’ve had this table for over a year and somehow, I’ve never told you about it.

A year and a half ago my mom and I pulled up to a yard sale and saw the gloriousness that was this aged table sitting on the sidewalk, we were both giddy with excitement but contained ourselves because furniture always sells within the first five minutes at yard sales.  We were sure this piece had been sold.

Or maybe not.  Ninety dollars at a yard sale is a lot.  And it became clear that this table was much loved.  Here’s the note that was taped to it.

At the end of the yard sale day {that’s 12 noon to normal folk} my mom and dad drove back over to that sale.   When they got there, the table was still sitting there all forlorn.  Mom got to know the owner and ended up coming home with the table.  It turns out, more than money, the owners of that table were looking for someone who would appreciate a bit of their history.  They loved the table but didn’t have room for it and they didn’t want to just give it to someone who wouldn’t adore it.  My mom vowed that the table would be loved and cared for and beautified for years.  I think my mom and this table have a recognized marriage in seven states.  Mom paid $30 for the table and gave it directly to me for my upcoming birthday.

Such a beautiful, meaningful gift.  This library table doesn’t hold stories, it tells them.  It means so much more to me knowing that it has a history, it was much loved, and that my mom knew I would enjoy it.

It makes me wonder if I’m holding on to something in my house purely because of sentiment, even if it doesn’t bring me joy, or I don’t have room for it.  After getting this table, I’m much more open to passing on once loved items that we no longer need or use to someone that I know would really enjoy them.  I think the table looks very happy.

Have you been on the receiving end of a gift like this?

Have you gifted something to someone who appreciated it so much that it felt like a gift to you to give?