I’ve been slaving away at the Window Mistreatment ebook due out in January and I’d love to include some of you who have mistreated your windows. I get emails every week from people sharing their mistreatments and I really love seeing all of your ideas and creations, there are lots of you out there who have mistreated and lived to tell about it.

Here’s what I’m looking for::

FANTASTIC photos of inspiring window mistreatments.  You don’t need to have a blog but, if you do have a blog and have a post about your mistreatments and are chosen to be featured in the ebook, I will link to your post.

Send me an email by next Monday, December 6th and include FANTASTIC PHOTOS IN NATURAL LIGHT of your mistreatments.  I’ll be the first to admit that is is hard to get a good photo of a window.  One of my tricks is to back waaaaaay up in the room and focus the camera on the wall or the floor while still getting the mistreatment in the photo.  This will fool the camera into thinking that you aren’t taking a photo of a bright window and it will take a better photo. Then, go into whatever photo editing you have and crop out all the extra stuff.

See this photo?  It’s the original of the one above, I just cropped it to focus on the window in the top photo.

In order for me to link to a post about your mistreatments, your post needs to have a single topic {that being the mistreatment, and how you made it}.  No one wants a link to a post that shows my great aunt coming home from the hospital after wart surgery and then she shares her recipe for head cheese casserole that happens to mention the window mistreatment I put up.  SINGLE TOPIC POSTS.  This is also a great reminder on how to get linked to on other’s blogs, write about one thing per post and you will up your linkability worth.

Nesting Place

So, if you want to submit your window mistreatment here’s what you do::

Email me: nestergirl{at}gmail{dot}com with the words “window mistreatment submission” in the subject line by Monday December 6th.

Include ONE or TWO FANTASTIC photos OR if you have a blog and have written a post about your mistreatments, you can include a link to your post.

Make sure to include any interesting information like the cost or how you used something creative or whatever.

I’ll contact you by December 13th if I can include your submission.

Thank you all so much for embracing my mistreating ways.  I remember being so nervous publishing the first window mistreatment post, wondering if everyone online would laugh at me.  I love that I have found a kindred spirit in you and that we can agree that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

PS Don’t forget the #MrsMeyers twitter party at 9pm EST tonight!