Wreaths are beautiful displayed any time of year.  I’m currently enjoying two white wreaths in our home; the coffee filter wreath and the fur wreath I made a few years ago.  {They are both SO inexpensive and easy to make!}. But, every now and then I want to pretty up my wreaths here are a few quick ideas.

1. Ribbon

Any color and combination, any kind of ribbon~shop the house first and experiment.

2. Wintry twigs and branches, simply tuck them in or secure with a few pins.

3. Get kitschy with it.

I found some vintage {that’s fancy talk for old, dusty and plastic} reindeer at the thrift for 40 cents each.  After a quick spray paint he looks thrilled to hang out in my fur wreath.  Look around your home, a few toy trains, blocks, or wooden letters can easily tuck into a wreath.

4. Pretend Candles.

I found a set of four taper style candles at Pier 1 {6.99?} they run on two double A batteries and last longer than you would think.  I’m looking for more places to use these around the house.

5. Bottle Brush Trees

When I went shopping with Eddie Ross I saw some of these for $10 and up.  I found these a few years ago at Walmart for $1 each.  Anyone know if they have them this year?

6. Flowers

These are from the Pleated Poppy, I just opened the pin and stuck it into the wreath.

7. Add an ornament.

Or a tassel.  I love my fluffy green tassel attached with a ribbon but a big gold ornament would look pretty as well.

How do you embellish your wreath?