4 Uses for Drapes Other Than Windows

door-curtains-5the relaxed home

I believe most any room can benefit from adding drapes. They can visually extend a room–making it look taller or wider, depending on the lengths you use and the patterns. They can add color without a big commitment, and if you choose a pattern, it helps fill a room — again, without investing in a bold patterned sofa that you might hate in three years.

Here are some fun uses of drapes not on windows, because yes, we can hang our drapes where the sun don’t shine…

b346dad4c1b3a8ff6430f1f00780b66dOver an entry to an interior door way// random house


front door drapedunsourced //Held back at one side of the front door & puddled on the floor.

draped doorveranda // A pair of drapes at the front door gives much-needed privacy to your chickens.

drape the closetdecorpad // At the closet threshold–double win, drapes take up so much less room than doors opening up into the space!

bluedrapescameron macneil // in the kitchen at the french doors

7d7944cacf554c1b2080c31988d395e8pottery barn// in front of the window seat

Are your Windows Wearing Capris?

high and wide low drapes Let’s talk about drape hanging shall we? I like my drapes hung high and wide. High so my windows look taller, wide so the drapes cover the wall, not the natural window light. Once every few years I’m standing in the drapes aisle at Target and I just go ahead […]

Easy Embellished Drapes

no sew drapes

I recently realized that I made these no sew drapes two years ago, and never ever talked about them.  What kind of home blogger am I?   They took about an hour to make and they were super easy because… Pin It

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The Scoop on My Striped Drapes AKA Curtains

They are the backdrop to way too many of my photos. You are probably sick of looking at them. If there’s anything you’d like to know about my striped drapes check out my post at Window Mistreatments today.  If you are tired of hearing about them, click away and we’ll both pretend this never happened. […]

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On CONtent and conTENTment

I wanted to tell you about some up and coming things at Nesting Place.  For the past few months I’ve felt a bit scattered, maybe you noticed.  I’ve been hard at work bossing around the best graphic designer in the business. She’s so good that last year her que for the ENTIRE 2010 year filled […]


There’s not gonna be a window mistreatment ebook. Back in December I was trudging right along with working on the ebook.  It was really hard for me to get into writing this in ebook form but, I promised I would have it ready in January and that alone was motivation to kick my working into […]