It’s that time of year again.  The time when some of us are scrambling trying to figure out what to get our moms for Mother’s Day.  Well, you have 2 1/2 weeks.   Just long enough to learn how to make fabulous, beautiful, fat tassels and give one to your mom for Mother’s Day.  I wrote an entire ebook all about how to make handmade tassels to help you with the process.

If you’ve been putting it off because you are afraid it’s too hard to learn, let me assure you, it’s not hard to learn.  It’s easy and addictive and super rewarding.  And once you learn the basics, you can personalize your tassels till your heart’s content and give them as gifts.   It’s the skill that keeps on giving.

Maybe you are new here and you are wondering what a tassel is.  I wrote an entire post about it, but, it’s an enchanting, magical beautiful little thing that nobody needs but everybody wants.  Kind of like a chocolate chip cookie but you can’t eat it and it’s much prettier.  I’ve seen handmade tassels priced over $100 in specialty shops in High Point.  We aren’t talking your grandma’s curtain tie backs.  These are handmade, decorative tassels packed with personality.  I can’t prove it yet, but I think they come alive when you go to sleep.  They dance around because they are all wearing fat, full ball gowns.

It would be really fun to learn how to make tassels and then get together with your mom and sisters and daughters and all make them together. The Ultimate Tassel Guide will show you everything you need to know to make tassels, including a special section for anyone who wants to sell tassels.  It’s packed with tons of photos and super simple steps as well as lots of sources for tassel parts.  This book is 100 pages long–way more information than I could ever fit in a blog post or series of posts.

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If you haven’t bought the ebook yet, it’s only $10 and you can simply click that uncentered button right above this that says “add to cart”.  You pay via paypal and then it guides you to download the ebook.  It can take a few minutes but don’t worry, so far, everyone who’s tried it has been able to download it.

For those of you tassel making maniacs out there, I thought I’d host a tassel link up party on Thursday.  That way you can show off your talents and inspire us with your ideas.  If you have a shop and sell tassels, feel free to join in.  Maybe you want to link to a tassel giveaway on your blog?

I’ve even got a few supplies to sell on ebay this week.  Tons of toppers and a little fringe.  I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Go forth and tassel!