I heart tassels.

I dress my lamps with tassels like this.And like this.
Just hang that ribbon on that switch. If the tassel hangs too low, adjust the ribbon.
I also use tassels to hold back a drape that is looking sad.
Tie a tassel on a nekkid looking plump candlestick,
and loop a tassel over any knob.
Hang tassels on other decorations.
Have a tassel you love? Use one of those fancy ornament holders to show it off.
Put a race car tassel on the frame holding the photo of a big racing fan.
Dress up your hefty armoire with a hefty tassel.
Hang a tassel over a mirror
or set a tassel on a display shelf.

Hang a tassel up in in your boy’s room on a shelf with pegs.

author’s note:

This is not the tassel that is normally there. I let them pick out their own topper and ribbon and baubles for me to make them their own tassel. Can I tell you that their tassel looks like something a 1970’s clown from Vegas would want? It has florescent blue ribbon gaudy red ribbon and, the craziest fringe available to woman kind. They love it. I think my camera might break if I try to photograph it.

author’s other note:

For your viewing pleasure I thought I would show you what the rest of the dresser looks like.

author’s last note:

Sometimes I pretend I have a girl.

Use a double tassel on a rope to hold back your panels.

OK this time, really, it’s my last note:
I know some of you want to have two pairs of these so you can hold back a pair of panels. I promise one day I will make these in pairs.

Why not hang a tassel on a cloche.
You can hang one on a medicine cabinet.Hang a pair of tassels on the corner of a chair and let them drape over the front onto the pillows.
If you have hardware on your kitchen cabinets, that’s a great place for a rooster tassel.
How about hanging a tassel on your door knob? A surprising place to show off a tassel is on the inside knob of your front door.

someone please tell this author to shush:

Dear Builders, we the women do not want bright yellowy fake brassy gold door knobs. There is no way you will convince us that it costs more for a factory to make these exact door knobs in black.

Place a tassel on the back of a chair that angles away from a wall.Decorate anything you love with a tassel.Well, not anything.
Do not put a tassel here. There is no classying up a john.Also, do not do this with your tassel, again, tassels do not dress up Johns.
This is also not a good use of a tassel.

Tassels come in all shapes and sizes. Tiny tassels can fit in the palm of your hand and big tassels are huge and heavy and expensive and worth every penny.

Tassels, the prettiest things you’ll never need.

If you can read the questions in my right sidebar I’m taking a vote on how many tassels you have. If you are in desperate need of more tassels visit my shop.

Tell me, what have I left out, where do you hang your tassels?