How to Hang Plates on Your Wall

I can’t stop myself from hanging more and more and more. Pretty soon our garage walls will be covered with white dishes.

The big platters are hung with these extra large plate hangers.  They were 99 cents at the Goodwill.  You can probably find them online for $3 each.  I get my regular plate hangers at Hobby Lobby or Target or the Dollar store.

Here’s the smaller version of a wire plate hanger.  If it’s not tight enough, you can undo one end of the holders and twist the springs until it feels tight enough.  Don’t be afraid to bend the wires and make them work for you.

Here’s my stash of extra plate hanger parts.  As you can see, I keep them all individually packaged so as not to get them tangled into one large plate hanger nest.

I had a few extra small dishes I wanted to hang too.

I warmed up the hot glue gun and from left to right we have a safety pin, upholstery tack and a paper clip.  They’ve been up for a week and I expect them to stay holding until I move stuff around.   You could also hot glue on a coke tab or a piece of string tied in a loop or wire.  There is no excuse for not hanging something you love.

What’s your plate hanging solution?

PS for those of you wondering the paint color is Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey scroll down to see more.


  1. oh my goodness, Nester. you are adorable :]

    you should probably use a Gussy ruffle to hang one of your plates. {forgo the plate hanger, use a ruffle!}

  2. here’s my plate wall:

    I’ve even used velcro!

  3. Love it!!! Hot glue and a loop of ribbon works too. At least it has for me!! :) Thanks for the tips!!

  4. I use the wire plate hangers all the time, and I love them. I always feel secure with them that the plates won’t fall down. I tried those disc things that are suppossed to just glue to the back of a plate, well for some reason, they really didn’t work at all. I followed the directions to the letter and still the first 2 I hung fell down and broke. I just went back to the wire ones. I really don’t mind the little tiny wires showing on the front of the plates. Your wall looks fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  5. When I use the metal hangers with the springs the plates end up wobbly on the wall. Am I doing it incorrectly? If not, what do you do to keep yours from looking wonky?

    • the secret to using plate hangers is to bend/mold the haner so it follows contours of plate/platter except the hangernotch part. that needs to be bent outwards to catch the nail. Sometimes you either need a longer nail or a picture hook and hang the spring part from it.

  6. you’re awesome! …with the safety pin resourcefulness! still no plates on my walls.

  7. Nadir@hodgepodge says

    I have this great set of dessert dishes that I scored for $1 at a yard sale last summer & have been to scared to hang but I’m determined to do so this summer. Wish me luck! :-)

  8. thanks for this. i’m collecting plates aswespeak for my newly redeocrated kitchen. i never would have thought to hang plates if it weren’t for you! I think i’m almost ready to take the plunge!

    and do i spy plate rearrangement in the sitting area already?? that’s awesome. :)

  9. Oooh, you’re gooood. I have a butter pats that I wanted to hang in two different rooms, and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hot-glued coke tab. You never disappoint, Nester….

  10. Jennifer S. in Good 'Ole Texas says

    Someone mentioned the wire thingys showing on the front of the plate. I always hit the tips that will show with the same color of spray paint as the plate so it is less noticeable. =)

  11. Always love your plate arrangements, Nester. But your resourcefulness with the hot glue and found items is what makes you the amazing Nester.

  12. I have always wanted to try that..but never found any plates that I wanted to display. Still keeping my eye out for some though :-)

  13. I’d never thought of hot gluing string or a safety pin on the back of tiny plates! Brilliant!! Yes…I said BRILLIANT! I actually had a couple of tiny plates I wanted to hang, but gave up after I couldn’t find the right size hanger (I’m not even kidding you). Ha HA! Problem solved.

    (yes, i may seem a little over-enthusiastic here, but you just solved a “major” problem for me. thanks)

  14. I think this is something that I could do….just gotta get some plates first.

  15. I just recently hung a large platter on my wall that the large plate hangers were even too small for… so I took off one end of the plate hanger (the hooky-thingie part) and attached some zip-ties to the springs and attached the end back on. It worked perfectly, and I didn’t have to scour the earth to find plate hangers that are big enough!

  16. You are so very clever! Thank you for sharing your tips! I would never have thought of using a safety pin to hang a smaller object.


  17. LOL at your “organized stash”!! I’d love to hang more plates, but it’s so hard to justify paying for the hangers right now – def gonna have to check out goodwill!! :) Great post!

  18. I recently came across a blog by a decorator who swore by hot glue and paperclips, and that her plates were still hanging over 10 years later. So I tried it. I had gotten a few plates from Hobby Lobby for my living room and I didn’t want to wait to get plate hangers so I did the paper clips and so far, so good. You just need to make sure your hand doesn’t jerk when you are setting the clip into the hot glue, which in turn makes your plate hang crooked. Just sayin’.

    With all this plate hanging going on, you won’t be surprised then when someone in the house says, “I can’t find a plate” and a reply comes from the peanut gallery to just take one off the wall! : )

  19. this cracks me up! esp the nest of hangers!! but okay, i am inspired to hang some plates, so good job! :)

    will you please tell me what your paint color is on that wall… i’m sure you have already mentioned it before…

  20. Your plate wall looks lovely! I’ve hot glued paper clips to the back of plates & after 2 months they are still hanging!

  21. i’ve been collecting plates over the last couple of weeks to do a wall o’ plates in our kitchen. i looked at the dollar store for the hangers….no dice. I didn’t even think about looking at the goodwill . . . that i was in . . . TODAY. i’m almost brave enough to try the hot glue and paper clips….almost. I’m nervous it will all come tumbling down!

  22. I love to hang plates and have some bone dishes that are too small for plate hangers. Thank you SO much for the suggestions to hang smaller items!

  23. Bwaahahaha…love your “poor woman’s plate hanger trick” at the end. That is just plain awesome and totally something I am going to have to do!!!

  24. ok, but where do you find your white plates? for cheap. i’ve been on a hunt for months…goodwill, g-sales, target, home goods, everything’s too pricey or not quite right.

  25. THANK YOU!!! Finally! Now I know how you do it!

  26. Thank you for this post. I now want to go and search for some nice plates. Not sure how they’ll hang on my trailer walls, but it’s worth a try, right?

  27. Thank you! I needed this!

  28. I am all about hanging plates on the wall lately! I have them in my bedroom and am working on finding some for my office. I use the sticky hangers from Hobby Lobby. Ya’ know the ones that you put water on them and they turn to cement basically on the back of the plate. They have worked really good so far!

  29. you should really look at getting some of these:
    the metal hooks take so much away from the beautiful plates!

    • Yeah, those are neat too, but I already have so many of the other hangers, I really have no reason to spend $$ on the others. I don’t mind seeing the little metal grabbers, they add a touch of vintage feel.

      But, if I had a stash of the dischangers I’d probably be using those instead.

  30. Safety pin idea is great!! Your plates are beautiful….I love the white!!

  31. Oh… that looks SO pretty! Love it! I actually super glued photo hangers to the back of a bunch of plates and hung them up. Not one problem!

  32. Okay, love this post, I scored several cream plates at GW the other day (for .25 -.50 each) that I am going to mount above my cabinets, but I wasn’t sure where to find the cheapest plate hangers. I remembered you posting about plate arranging a few days ago and was just about to check that post to see if you mentioned the best way to hang them and found this post! Oh yeah. I need to hang about 10, so I’m thinking I might try the paper clips first!

  33. no solution — just having extreme plate/platter envy!! Loving all the different styles and sizes — so gorg!

  34. Such a great idea and I can’t wait to go home and take the double stick tape off of the plate we got in Brazil. Hope you had a great week sweetie!

  35. I’ve used the Invisible English Plate Hanger Discs. You can buy them on Amazon and I’ve also seen them at Hobby Lobby near the frames. You just add water to the side of the disc and it gets tacky and sticky. Then you attach it to your plate and let it sit for 24 hours and voila, it’s stuck. They come in different sizes and are comparable in price to the wire hangers. My favorite part, though, is that you don’t have wire hangers showing over the lip of the plates!

  36. I have a collection of white butter pats. I hung them over a bed in a guest room. They do sell the wire hangers just for butter pats..I got them from a man online. I also painted the tips white first. As you mentioned, I like the vintage look of the hangers showing. I think they were less than a dollar per hanger for those.

  37. I use Command Picture Hanging strips. You can’t use them if the back of the plate is too concave because the strip won’t meet the corresponding one on the wall, but for a normal shallow-backed plate, they work great and are perfectly hidden by the rim of the plate. I’ve had about 6 plates hanging up this way for about a year and so far none have taken a plunge.

  38. The adhesive plate hangers are great for really large platters and odd shaped plates. I use them to even hang different 3 dimensional decor. Here is a closeup of the disc plate hangers. You can find the at for a very reasonable price.

  39. I love plates about as much as you do. I hang mine with the same plate hangers that you use.

  40. Hi Nester!

    Uh, I’m thinkin’ I need to go out and find some white plates! I love the way you’ve arranged your plates. Just today I’ve decided to I need some white pitchers and now the white plates! Thanks for the inspiration!


  41. I love Hot Glue!! Clever… safety pin… paper clip… and hot glue!! Brilliant!

  42. Godmorning, Sweden here….

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic’s & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  43. ok, so i have to mention two things:

    For those with small kitchen, yes hanging dishes is a great idea for space. And if you don’t have to go buy new platters just one you already have and use every now and then.

    Also a friend of my has a pretty plate on a holder and uses a dry erase marker on it to write her verse/ kids verses on. So handy.

  44. Love your plate hanging suggestions at the end – never would’ve occurred to me!

  45. you are so are one of the best plate hangers i know..years ago i felt weird hanging them in the bedroom around the bed..thought people would think we must be really interested in food to have plates have helped me not feel so weird..i have them in every room..i am always wanting better hangers though that are more level..i hang silver trays too..smaller ones..i’ve wondered about those disc charger things that layla advertises..i have seen some at HL that stick to the back but scared to use them..

    slipcover party..brilliant.wish i could be there!;;; ONE DAY we will, Holly

  46. I saw the hot glue trick on your stumble or tumbler thingy a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to try it–I will probably get around to it in a few more weeks. This was just the motivation I needed :)

  47. I love your wall of plates! I also like the color you have on the wall. I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for inspiring us!

  48. Hi Nester,
    I took the plunge and hung plates above my bed yesterday. I used two plate hangers and three hot glue/miscellaneous hanger thingies. The two hot glue gun thingies fell off the wall and broke. The third one I took off the wall before it broke. I waited several hours before hanging. Not sure what happened. I’m thinking I should maybe rough up the surface with sandpaper next time. Just wanted to chime in to let others know that it may be possible they could fall off the wall and to be careful. I might try liquid nails next time.

  49. Thank you for this wonderful idea. This is fantastic.

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