I can’t stop myself from hanging more and more and more. Pretty soon our garage walls will be covered with white dishes.

The big platters are hung with these extra large plate hangers.  They were 99 cents at the Goodwill.  You can probably find them online for $3 each.  I get my regular plate hangers at Hobby Lobby or Target or the Dollar store.

Here’s the smaller version of a wire plate hanger.  If it’s not tight enough, you can undo one end of the holders and twist the springs until it feels tight enough.  Don’t be afraid to bend the wires and make them work for you.

Here’s my stash of extra plate hanger parts.  As you can see, I keep them all individually packaged so as not to get them tangled into one large plate hanger nest.

I had a few extra small dishes I wanted to hang too.

I warmed up the hot glue gun and from left to right we have a safety pin, upholstery tack and a paper clip.  They’ve been up for a week and I expect them to stay holding until I move stuff around.   You could also hot glue on a coke tab or a piece of string tied in a loop or wire.  There is no excuse for not hanging something you love.

What’s your plate hanging solution?

PS for those of you wondering the paint color is Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey scroll down to see more.