Even if today is not your lucky day, you still get 15% off your entire order with DaySpring with the code:


everybody wins!


1. The three winners from the comment section:

Tracie @ Yule Time Reading

Suzan @ The Reluctant Quilter

Lorie Kennedy {blogless}

2. Twitter Winner: @hossmommy

3. DaySpring-Danielson’s Design Studio Winner

$50 gift certificate:

Life is Crazy Beautiful {ain’t it so?} author: Lisa who made this:

Winners of the Book Crops, head on over to DaySpring book crop section and email me {nestergirl at gmail dot com} with your address and which book crop you would like.


Non winners but still winners in my book, you can use your discount code for 15% off  your entire order for anything in the DaySpring store!  That includes but isn’t limited to:

This Charming Serving Tray

An Engraved Tray {I would totally hang this on the wall with a plate hanger}

mr. & mrs. mugs {totally adorable}

Be Still Bird Mug

Bless Our Nest Framed Print by Jeanne Winters

Faith plaque {only $12}

Even Nesting Place Tassels!

Just enter the promo code : 15GIFTS

Thanks for entering. See you tomorrow, get those taxes done!