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Sometimes I forget to take my own advice.  Or your advice.  I found this regular, weirdly cut up piece of copy paper the other week.  Only it had one redeeming quality.  It had writing on it written by the boy in our family who supposedly hates to read and write more than anyone else.  And he would much rather be shooting his gun at the birds in the neighbor’s yard than loving his neighbor and such.  I have no idea how this paper came to be, only that it is.

So, you now understand that this paper is a priceless work of art. But I had no idea how to preserve it.   Then I remembered that framed fork. It’s true, with a frame and scrapbook paper, you can frame just about anything.  If what you want to frame has dimension–simply take the glass out.  You can frame old coins, ticket stubs, Polaroid photos, baby toys, game pieces…you don’t need a fancy mat, just a precious memory and some scrapbook paper, wallpaper, page from a book–whatever.

What have you framed lately?


  1. So sweet. I love personal art.

  2. This is such a sweet post! I love it!

  3. I framed a piece of copy paper with my babies first pen scribbles. I need to do more of these type things. Baby art is invaluable.

  4. I made a framed fork for a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t think why I thought that looked so nice and gave a big caveat before she opened it. She loved it. Only later did I re-run across your framed cutie. Nesting has found it’s way to my subconscious!

  5. This is so precious! I love the idea of framing anything with scrpabook paper and a lovely frame. But, the minute I saw this photo, my heart was warm! It trully si awork of art and speaks so much louder than expensive pieces!

  6. LOVE, LOVE that idea. It’s more beautiful than the most expensive piece of art in a gallery!!

  7. I love framing everything,….I am a picture frame lover and love unusual things in frames….

  8. Sooooo sweet. :) I need to be better about framing my girls’ “art.” Right now, the best of the best preschool crafts get taped up on the end of the kitchen cabinets, where I can smile at them as I walk by. But I haven’t framed any of their drawings, which usually consist of lots of black and pink squiggles that are supposed to be fireworks. ;)

  9. My daughter is 18, but when she was about 4, she wrote a note (that I saved and now have the great idea to frame – thank you) that says, “Can Taylr spid a nit?” Even after all these years, we still say, when she wants someone to “spend the night” , can so-and-so spid a nit?

  10. I framed a page from the mini-hymnal my husband carried with him while he was deployed. My son got a hold of the book and decimated it — but the page with my favorite hymn was mostly intact. I hot glued some fabric to some cardboard then hot glued the page right on it. It’s been hanging in the hall for ages now.

  11. I framed a picture one of my nieces drew of our dog when she was four. My husband and I love how she took every brown crayon and marker she had to color the dog’s fur. It’s very accurate!

  12. Such a great little treasure to frame!

  13. I have my favorite scriptures framed in my home office for inspiration. They are all 10 and older now, but when my nieces and nephew were little, they were always making little works of art for me and were thrilled that I would frame them and hang them in very visible places of honor in my home and at my (old) office.

  14. Jennifer S. says

    Precious! Wonder if he was making a Valentine for someone? That is my favorite Valentine verse, because no love could be greater than those words!!!
    For God so loVed the world,
    That He gAve
    His onLy
    That whosoever
    Believeth In Him
    Should Not perish,
    But have Everlasting life”. John 3:16
    (see how you can spell Valentine with the letters in the words?)

  15. This is a wonderful idea.

  16. That story brings tears to my eyes. Definitely a scrap worth hanging on to! Just a few days ago I found a sliver baby spoon tucked in the back of our junky silverware drawer. It’s so sweet and I immediately thought of your framed fork. I’m warming up the hot glue gun as we speak. : )

  17. I was digging through some boxes & found a 4 x 4 piece of paper with just a simple note saying “good morning” and love mom. Why I kept it? I haven’t any clue but it made me cry. My mom’s been gone almost 20 yrs. I kept this simple piece of paper since I was probably 14 or 15 yrs old. It was in perfect condition, no tears, rips or anything! I bought a frame with a heart on the side & put matting around it. I framed it and put it on my dresser so I can read it every morning.

  18. I was totally inspired by Darcy Miller’s scrapboxes in the Feb. MS Living magazine…..I dug into the old wedding box and got to work…..I framed 4 black and white photos of us on the night of our rehearsal, a small photo of the view from the top of our hotel and one of the silk flowers I carried in my rehearsal bouquet. Next up, I want to frame a collage from our honeymoon to Italy, similar to this one:

  19. Hello…just found you today through BooMama. You. Are. A. Genius.

    The end.

  20. I love this. Simply love it.

  21. Oooh…food for thought. I love it. I DO need to frame some of my favorite papers…just for a splash of color or pattern. You’ve got me thinking!

  22. I was totally inspired by you, linked from my blog to this post, and then went and spent Saturday afternoon in a framing mania–until I ran out of frames. I love the result. Thanks so much for reminding me to just get it done! I’ve had empty frames sitting around in bags in my spare room since October.


  23. I was just thinking about all of Jayden’s art work that he brings home from daycare. It’s hanging on the fridge and in his room but it’s something that looks exactly like what it is, something that I had nothing else to do with. I also have a picture of Thomas the Train that we colored together that I’ve kept for at least a year because he hates to color. I would love to find a frame to hang that in his room! Thanks Nester!

  24. Somehow, I managed to capture on film the first time that each of my children wrote their names. I have the pictures framed, along with the name. My son wrote his name on a package that we were mailing to a friend, so I only have a picture of his attempt. They love to compare the way they first wrote their names with the handwriting now.


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