Frame Anything


Sometimes I forget to take my own advice.  Or your advice.  I found this regular, weirdly cut up piece of copy paper the other week.  Only it had one redeeming quality.  It had writing on it written by the boy in our family who supposedly hates to read and write more than anyone else.  And he would much rather be shooting his gun at the birds in the neighbor’s yard than loving his neighbor and such.  I have no idea how this paper came to be, only that it is.

So, you now understand that this paper is a priceless work of art. But I had no idea how to preserve it.   Then I remembered that framed fork. It’s true, with a frame and scrapbook paper, you can frame just about anything.  If what you want to frame has dimension–simply take the glass out.  You can frame old coins, ticket stubs, Polaroid photos, baby toys, game pieces…you don’t need a fancy mat, just a precious memory and some scrapbook paper, wallpaper, page from a book–whatever.

What have you framed lately?

Homicide and such

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