The following is a rambling post filled with no useful information, it’s basically me thinking out loud, or in type.  My apologies.

Remember how the other day I was all “Books on the ground, gotta get me a shelf”, dog?  Well, that very next morning I was one of the first people through the door of our local thrift store.  After reading a comment from one of you locals who told me about a shelf I had actually had my eye on, I decided to get it. And when I decide something I want it done yesterday.  As you can see I didn’t get the shelf.  Who needs a shelf when you can get a sturdy chest of drawers for $80?


Wouldn’t some labely drawer pulls like these be nice?  But I don’t want to spend $10 each.  I want them to be like $1 each or in my dream world, pay me to buy them.  Any ideas?

So, being the impatient, thrifty person that I am I immediately pulled out my trusty paint plus primer left over from the armiore.  I mean, a different color would be nice but that would take time and patience, of which I have very little.  So I hurridly coated the dresser with paint and it looks…ok.

thrifty dresser

I just realized that I don’t have a photo of the entire dresser–I put some spare knobs on it just to see but here’s a tiny bit of the dresser way down there at the bottom of the photo, can you see it?  Again, the paint is fine but I can’t help the fact that I’m still infatuated with all things white.  And what’s with me putting that bright blue frame everywhere in my house?


And then I saw this cabinet


…and this sweet little number both masterfully painted/distressed by Holly from Life in the Fun Lane whom I’m pretty sure will be the official furniture painter in heaven.  Y’all she’s got her own business painting her finds–this girl is killing me, I want to BE her!

Anyhow, I now am officially ready to paint my dresser white.  It may not be in the next week, but I’m on the prowl.  I’m ready for white.  And no worries, I’m not painting everything, but I do love my other white dresser and I think I’d love this one if it were white too.

I’m kind of regretting my hasty decision of using what I had.  There’s a delicate balance between using what you have and settling for something because you are impatient.  I’m keeping my eye {eyes if you have two} open for some $5 oops paint.  Gosh, for all I know I’ve got white paint in my garage.

Have you ever made a hasty design decision and then regretted it?