Don’t you all want to read all about what I think my best posts were for 2009?  Sometimes I feel like all I do is talk about me and my big self and my big fat opinions and {insert Charlie Brown’s teacher’s sounds} my big imperfect lived in, house.  I’m like Nellie Olsen as a grown up with a house and a blog.  Thanks for sticking around in 2009.


Put a Frame on it {sung to Beyonce’s Single Ladies }

Embrace the Imperfections {at (in)courage


Price My Space party where we all linked up and told how much we spent on our rooms because we are all crazy and best friends and it was really fun!

The Scientifically proven, UL approved way to hang a chandelier: How to Hang a Chandelier


Fabric file to Go {do you have one yet?!}


Is Your Rental In Foreclosure? We had to move because the owners of our rental didn’t pay their mortgage.  I never found out why and I cried when I knew we had to move.  Guess what, we ended up in a MUCH nicer home for just a tiny bit more per month.


My Top 10 Biggest Decorating Mistakes.


10 Ways to Avoid Having a Home You’ll Love

Ok, this is totally off the cuff, as I’m sitting here writing all about me and my big blog and my big self and my big favorite posts, I started wondering what your favorite posts are from your own blog in 2009.  So, I’m adding a MckLinky.   What was your favorite post of 2009 on YOUR BLOG?  It doesn’t have to be housey {even though housey stuff is my favorite to stuff to read about online} maybe it’s a post where you were particularly funny or something hard that you went through.  Link to whatever you want.  As long as it’s not an ad.  Or p@rn or a mean post about the Nester and Nellie Olsen.  Happy 2010~I love you all dearly!

What Was Your Favorite Post {That YOU Wrote} in 2009?

OH MY GOSH and this too!  any others?

and since it’s my blog and I can wreck it up however I see fit:

and now I will lose my DaySpring sponsorship and offend half of the readers