Welcome! It’s almost time for Price My Space. We {me and y’all} thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they spent on some things in their home. And, I wanted to make sure all the people on the west coast had a fair chance to get in early so I opened up the Linky at 8pm Sunday.

I try to keep the rules as minimum as possible so, as far as what you can share, please feel free to reveal as much or as little as you’d like. Just have a table you want to show us? Fine. Have an entire room you are dying to tell us about? Go for it. And remember, this is not just a place to brag about our bargains. {as much as I LOVE doing that!} In real life, lots of us do end up paying retail for some things, please feel free to tell us about those finds as well. We are being real here girls.

I know I find it encouraging to see what people spend on certain items on their home. What they feel was worth the money, what they feel like was a waste, what they found on the side of the road, what they spent 28 hours refinishing… you know stuff like that.

I already told you my deep dark spending secrets so I could make this post as short as possible. Now, to the good stuff, YOU. Go ahead, sign in with Mr. Linky and Price Your Space–remember to link to the actual POST not simply your blog address or else your link will be deleted and you’ll have to relink correctly {I tell you how in the comments, scroll down, I’m number 53ish} And, I love it when you tell people what you are doing by adding in the Price My Space button and linking back to this post so others can share in the fun.

If you don’t see the links under these words that means Mr. L is still working on it! Sorry!