Remember when I told you that one of the costs of crafting is creating items that for whatever reason you choose not to sell or they just end up not selling? Remember how I told you that I had a whole stash of tassels that didn’t make the cut of my persnickety eye? Or eyes since I have two of them?

After reading your comments and emails and etsy convos pertaining to these homeless tassels where you preached to me my own message that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, I got the stash out and started poofing up the poor tassels.

And you know what, they are pretty good tassels. There were a few that had broken parts from over the years and I tossed them but for the most part they just needed a bow or a pom pom or a kiss.

I’ve got almost 100 tassels that will go on sale Wednesday at 9am eastern time in the etsy shop. Some of them aren’t quite my taste but they are all Nesting Place quality. Some of them are my taste and y’all decided that you didn’t want them at the price I was asking. Some of them you will think “these are the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen–what is wrong with this woman?”. Some of you will wish I will stop talking about tassels because you are not a tassel person. Anyway, everything will be super marked down.

Most tassels will be $8-$15 depending on the cost of materials I have in them. I will be listing them over the next few days and immediately marking them as “inactive” so that I can activate them all at the same time on Wednesday. I may list a few on Thursday or Friday if I get lazy. The tassels will only be listed for 7 days and then that’s it. They will be removed, never to be seen again. If this sale is a success, I might do it again next year.

As for the tassels that are currently listed, there are 4 left and the etsy shop will close Tuesday and my plan is to open once a quarter for regular, top of the line, Nesterized, irresistible tassel sales.

This is so exciting for me. I keep picturing that scene from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer where all the toys from Misfit Island get delivered to the children on Christmas Eve.

These darling tassels will finally have a home! I hope.


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