I’ve told you before that our living room is small. Like really small. So small that when people come over who have seen photos online, say “Oh…you weren’t kidding this is small.” One person told me it was smaller than their apartment living room. Then we have this small scaled yet still demanding sectional.

The room is too small to have some sort of table on each end of the sofa to hold lamps so the solution is a sofa table. I’ve broken a few design rules here. The table isn’t actually accessible. My 7 year old squeezes back there and sits on the window sill and colors but normal sized people are out of luck.

And some smarty pant McSmartness will tell me that that huge urn of sticks is completely out of balance and out of place and my picture is hung too high and they will be totally correct but I will have to say “IDHTBPTBB on you” that’s what happens when you are addicted to moving furniture.

Back to lamp placement in a tight space–this is just one solution. I’ve always had a table or dresser behind this sofa because at least one back side is usually not against the wall and it’s nice to have something to look at besides the plain, naked back of a sofa. My guess is that 50% of the sofas out there right now could benefit from a sofa table of some sort. Just make sure the table isn’t higher than the back of the sofa and you’ll want a somewhat squatty, Oompa-Loompa lamp so the light falls at a comfortable level.

Do you use a sofa table?