You can make a quick, easy and meaningful arrangement using some containers, moss and things you probably already have. If you need multiple centerpieces for a banquet this is a great template to add in anything that will add to the theme. It’s easy to personalize and looks exquisite.

We’ve all got different tastes and we’ve all got different stuff in laying around our house to choose from. My guess is that you like the stuff you have as much as I like mine.

Start with shopping the house and yard for some natural items. If you need lots of centerpieces or arrangements, spread the word, find local items that are in season such as pine cones, seed pods, and make sure to add in any trinkets that can contribute to a personal one of a kind feeling that most arrangements lack.

Locate a container of some sort, an urn, basket, bucket, bowl–anything you like. I found these two tin rectangular bins last year at Hobby Lobby.

Put some foam in your container. I like to hot glue mine down so it will stay put.

Then hot glue in some moss to cover up that ugly foam.

I added some natural looking fake greenery {be a P.O.O.P.I.E} to the back just for filler. If you are making an actual centerpiece that will be viewed from all sides, put your filler in the middle of the container so you can fill out each side.

This arrangement will only be seen from the front so I didn’t need to make sure the other sides looked presentable. I then stuck in a starfish and two corn dogs. The idea is to add interest and some height. If you don’t have corn dogs you can use natural cat tails.

Next a nest. If you hate all things nests, then you can use whatever it is that nest haters use. If you hate all things nest are you even here? Something tells me I lost all my nest haters long before this post. Remember, the idea is to make an interesting arrangement that not only looks good but evokes an emotion. Isn’t this centerpiece looking serene?

Fill in with small items found in that potpourri you have that you don’t know what to do with. Now we have this arrangement. Quite pretty right? This would make a great inexpensive centerpiece as is. But, it’s not done yet.

I want feathers. Alarmingly tall, needless yet magnificent feathers. A little drama goes a long way.

You can change it up to feel more summery.


These are a few of my favorite things.


Adorable. How cute is that silver rattle? Wish I was having a baby shower for someone, I’d so be using this as a centerpiece–add in some little white booties and it’s instant charm!

The possibilities are limitless. Don’t feel like you have to use dusty old pretend flowers to make a lovely arrangement. You could tuck in a framed photo or some personalized ribbon if you are making something for a wedding. I’ve decorated for wedding receptions before and people go ga ga for tables that each have their own beautiful centerpiece with a unique personality that ties in with the rest of the decor.

Shop the house, use what you have, show off what you love, change it up for the seasons and have fun while customizing your own flowerless arrangement.