Hi again. It’s still Emily. And I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that it looks as though The Nester’s computer can be saved. She has also discovered limited internet use thanks to her local library. But she doesn’t have access to her photos yet, so can’t post because it is against her religion to post without photos.

The bad news is that you are stuck with me, The Vice Nester (her words, not mine). I am just the messenger, the carrier pigeon if you will. But things should be back to their happy normal by Monday.

Over the years, my sister has perfected the fine art of nesting in her home and that has spilled over into my home. In other words, she gives me gifts. GIFTS, people. All those things she sells on Etsy? She makes those kinds of things and gives them to me. And then she apologizes because she didn’t buy me a gift. Are you kidding me?
If there was ever a reason to have a baby, this is it: the baby garland. I remember the day I walked into her house and she had made one of these for the first time. I had not a clue in the world what it was or how it was to be used. I only knew I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It had to be mine. So when my son was born, she gave me one.
Isn’t it lovely? It isn’t only ribbons and fabric scraps all tied up together, although that would certainly be cute enough. She added this little blue car.

And then she added this sheep.
There are also lots of clippy things to hold photos, like this one.

Tired of blues? How about pinks? Here is the garland she made for the twins room.
More clippies for photos, too.
She also added extras to this one, like tiny treasures hidden in a scrappy pink sea.
Beads and buttons and be-still-my-heart. I just love these. Don’t you just love these? I want one for every room of my house. I want to hang them from chandeliers and have them spilling out of vases. Love them.

I love all the sweet swag I score from the nest. Of The Nester. I sure can’t wait ’til she gets back.