I’m back!!! And I’m givin‘ stuff away! Oh, how I have missed you! I have been in and out at the library trying to somewhat keep up with what is going on and my sister has done a more than fabulous job posting for me. Now back to mispelled words and poor grammar.

I have spent all weekend drinking lemonade and making tassels. Why you ask? Well, it looks like my dumb-puter , poor thing has blogged its last blog, emailed its last email and made me mad for the last time. I am now using my in law’s extra computer until we can get a replacement. I know. Even a new to us computer is gonna cost a lot of tassels. And we are not gonna go into debt to get it. And this computer I am borrowing is slow and it hates me already. Though I am soo thankful to have it. Even if I have to push down REALLY hard on the space bar to space. I never realized how much I use spaces. My thumb is getting big muscles.

I’ve been making tassels because the only other things I can do good enough to sell is wrap presents and make iced coffee. So, I made a whole entire new batch of wonderfully beautiful, enticing tassels that I realize no one actually needs. Why don’t I know how to make gasoline?

This is gonna be a tassel-a-thon. A tassel drive for a hard drive. You tasselaholics will need an intervention after this next week because every tassel I have made is better than the last!

this tassel’s fringe is black not purple another downfall of this computer without my photo editing program

So, for the next 10 days yes, now through July 16 if you purchase an item from my etsy shop, you’ll be entered to win a sweet prize. And if you buy 2 items–you are entered twice and so forth. This is the time ladies to buy an unnecessary tassel. If you have ever almost purchased a tassel, thought about giving a tassel as a gift or fell in love with a certain tassel and it sold right out from under you, now is your chance to make a purchase, help me get a computer, and maybe even win a prize! It’s gonna take a lot of tassels to buy a computer. I cannot borrow this one forever. I have already wrecked up the “L”. Thankfully, my man fixed that.

So, here’s what you can win–a little metal plaque on a stand that looks good every single place I try it in my house…

This black metal and wire tray thing-a-ma-bob that I am similarly in love with. Look how great it is filled with shells and stuff…

A nest with eggs, of course…

And this black and white bird tassel.

Here’s all the loot together. Did I do okay? Do you want it so bad that you will now be compelled to make a purchase without going into debt {click here to make a purchase}? Am I shameless? I’ll be listing all sorts of stuff all week. I even have a few garlands to list after I can find my hand that fell off because of all the knot tying. Thank you all so much for your kind emails, and comments and even prayers for my computer. This is the worst case scenario but, with your help, maybe I can be up and running better than ever really soon!

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