After making the canvas wall in our playroom, I had lots of fabric scraps left over and I temporarily hung them up above the window to see what fabric I liked best for a mistreatment. I really wanted to do an awning type mistreatment and even bought some wood to try to make something real cheap and Nest it all up.

My mom stopped by and said how much she liked the idea I had for the windows. I didn’t know what she was talking about so I ran into the room to see what my idea could possibly have been. Yes. Those scraps that are hanging there were my big idea. I was all “Mom, I’m so sure.” Or something really mature like that.

A few days later my friend Betsy {there she is with her cutie husband, Mitch} came for a quick visit. Betsy is a real live designer with papers and a beautiful house to prove it. She poked her pretty little head in that playroom and I told her my elaborate plans for an awning for the window. Lo and behold, she said “I really like what you’ve done so far, why don’t you just finish that?”

Well, for some reason that sounded so much more convincing coming from Betsy. I decided to try it and this is what I came up with. Poor Mom, she’s had to deal with my dismissals my whole life! Oh, and here’s the canvas wall. I still need at least 2 more–I’ll be getting those tomorrow because Michael’s finally put a coupon in the paper. I HATE posting things that are half done but I am so impatient! It’s such a great compliment to the mistreatments!

I had lots of scraps left over from the canvases/canvi? so I folded them to be rectangular. I didn’t cut them or anything. I hate cutting fabric, it’s such a commitment so, I just clipped and tacked. I even threw in a few square pillow cases that I had laying around. It has lots of personality and I love the different lengths and texture.

This is a great idea for a playroom and would also be cute in a laundry room, kitchen or nursery. I could see dish towels, pretty burp cloths, or even real pillow cases hung up like this! What about team pennants for a boy’s room? Or, like me just use leftover fabric. Do you have an idea of what else could work?