V Day Decorating for Dummies

I’m the dummy not you. I have noticed lots of people talking about getting out their Valentine’s Day decorations. Honestly, I thought these people were a little much, I mean, I love to decorate as much as the next chick but for Valentines? Good grief, I just now got my Christmas decorations good and cold in the attic.

Then, I overheard one of my boys telling my husband, “Mommy doesn’t know how to decorate for Valentine’s Day”. WHOA. I cannot let that happen.

After a quick search of all things red and heart in my house, here’s what I found:

*red ribbon
*heart shaped Christmas ornaments
*red books
*empty picture frame
*red and pink scrapbook paper
*a heart shaped rock one of my boys found for me

I hadn’t thought of this before but, this is my first year homeschooling and my boys have been in school with lavish decor for every holiday and regular day. I know as a child I throughly enjoyed everything decorative. Imagine that. So, why not have fun making it pretty together. For free!
We tied a little string up at the mantle and they went to town making hearts. After about 3 fist fights, crying because of the lack of heart drawing ability, and being sent to their rooms because of bad attitudes, I’d say we had a really productive morning decorating for this holiday filled with love.


  1. haha! that’s hilarious – the irony of it all, with the fighting and attitudes. here’s encouragement for homeschooling: I was homeschooled until 6th grade, and I treasure it. keep up the great work! and it is great, regardless of what you think. :) you son looks so young in that picture! this valentines is my hubby’s birthday party, so decor may or may not make it into that whole gig! thanks for the pointers – will use them if I do anything.

  2. Thanks so much!! Valentines is my favorite holiday – simply for the love of the colors and hearts (all the things I don’t have in my home!). I’m going to pursue stocking up decorating items as well as using stuff my children make.

    Thanks for the inspiration, pictures and ideas!!

    Sincerly, Marilyn Mae

  3. Oh,my goodness…this one made me laugh!I can only imagine how fun that was.It turned out sweet, though, didn’t it?Love your blog…it’s so funny and I have adopted your idhtoptbb philosophy. Actually, I’ve always BEEN that way, just never knew it til you put words to the feeling..so Thanks!

  4. Ali Amantiad says

    Thanks so much for adding in the parts about the “fist fights, bad attitudes and a-hem… lack of heart drawing abilities” That made me smile ‘cuz we’re right there with ya!! Have a great day! And a blessed Valentines day too!

  5. Cute! great ideas!

  6. Thanks for being real, could just imagine the bad attitudes etc…brought back memories of me homeschooling my boys and so may me laugh! Bless you!

  7. Nest, I love it! LOVE. Especially the fact that u describe the true experience! It made me literally lol, which made hubby ask, “what?!” I asked, do u really want to know?” he answered, “no.” bit I read it to him anyway… And guess what?!?! This is BIG, Nester, he admitted that it was actually funny! Nicely done. And I am going to adopt the “heart-string” mantle idea tomorrow since we r now snowed in.

  8. It is with some trepidation that I am going to attempt the valentine hearts with my 3yo & 4 yo. I think I’ll keep the scissors in my hands after reading about the fist fights. I’ve also got a string and clothes pins, unfortunately I don’t have a mantle, I have a really ugly hole in my wall were a big ole window used to be, but is now filled with insulation and covered with plastic waiting for spring when we will hopefully be dry walling our very old, very ugly BUT free mobile home! I haven’t really had the HEART to decorate, since I can’t even fathom where to start to make this place pretty right now, but you’re cut out hearts are cute and will bring joy if not beauty to our humble surroundings right now. So I’m off to cut out some hearts for the kids to decorate when they wake up from their nap, and hopefully it will give me a new perspective and remind me to love and cherish the blessings I have.


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