I’m the dummy not you. I have noticed lots of people talking about getting out their Valentine’s Day decorations. Honestly, I thought these people were a little much, I mean, I love to decorate as much as the next chick but for Valentines? Good grief, I just now got my Christmas decorations good and cold in the attic.

Then, I overheard one of my boys telling my husband, “Mommy doesn’t know how to decorate for Valentine’s Day”. WHOA. I cannot let that happen.

After a quick search of all things red and heart in my house, here’s what I found:

*red ribbon
*heart shaped Christmas ornaments
*red books
*empty picture frame
*red and pink scrapbook paper
*a heart shaped rock one of my boys found for me

I hadn’t thought of this before but, this is my first year homeschooling and my boys have been in school with lavish decor for every holiday and regular day. I know as a child I throughly enjoyed everything decorative. Imagine that. So, why not have fun making it pretty together. For free!
We tied a little string up at the mantle and they went to town making hearts. After about 3 fist fights, crying because of the lack of heart drawing ability, and being sent to their rooms because of bad attitudes, I’d say we had a really productive morning decorating for this holiday filled with love.