I’m too cheap to buy another rod.You gonna make something of it? My high heels are sharper than yours.
These are from Katie at Harrington House. She did a fine job of mistreating these! $he must be rich, $he has rods. $weet!
And a few days later she did these too! If you look real close you see her raw edges! That’s my girl!! Who cares? They are silk, they are captivating!! When you go to her blog you can see her old treatments next to the new ones. Also, she was so excited to take pictures of her pretties that she didn’t even move her trusty drill–I know we would be close friends in real life. Notice that she raised her rod–great idea to make the room look bigger and for such impact at the window!
I also have to mention this amazing candle wall sconce with crystals!!!! A girl after my own heart!

Also, speaking of heels {were we even speaking of heels?}. You must read about Angelena’s shopping adventures. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wish that you were her and training for a triathlon and named Angelena. Does everyone in the world with the name Angelena have a perfect body? Hate her.